The Three Best TVs You Can Buy on the Market Right Now


Television has come a long way since it first started out. If you talk to your parents or grandparents, you can enjoy a good chuckle as they describe what it was like to use the old dial TVs, with the rabbit ear antenna, that you had to push and pull endlessly to tune in a picture. It sounds absolutely ridiculous, but back then, it was the only way to enjoy movies and TV shows in the household.Fortunately, it’s not like that anymore.

Today, TVs not only have the ability to play what’s on a cable network or satellite, they don’t need either for you to enjoy great programming. Modern TVs allow you the ability to stream your favorite movies and TV shows, and support stunning picture quality with 4K resolution. In addition, modern TVs feature a host of different plugins, so that you can enjoy any number of different devices, such as the Amazon Fire TV Stick, which you can use to access a wealth of great content.

That being said,there are many different models, types, and brands of TVs on the market right now, and it can be tough to choose the right one. You might be a TV fanatic,who demands the best in audio in picture quality while you consume every movie,TV show, and video game that comes out; or you may just be a casual viewer who doesn’t need top of the line, so long as you can watch Sunday Football.

Whatever your preference, to help you make the best purchase, I’ve put together a list of three of the best TVs available right now, no matter your price range or preference.

1)   LG Electronics OLED 55E8PUA 4K Ultra HD Smart TV (Average Price – $2,200)

For the TV connoisseur, this is will be your go to TV as prep your Christmas list this year. With 55 inches of ultra HD goodness, this OLED TV from LG Electronics will support your dream of having a movie theater quality experience in your home. With Composite, USB, RF, and four HDMI ports, you can support any device that you can think of, from gaming consoles to surround sound stereo systems.

The LG OLED also features an astounding range of settings that you can use to perfect the images you seen on the screen. There’re ample options to adjust color saturation,brightness, input lag, and tone, and evens supports options if you suffer from color brightness. Even you don’t have your own custom speaker system yet, the built-in audio is top notch, and will support all your need.

2)   RCA 4K Smart LED TV (Average Price – $400)

For the budget conscious viewer, you won’t find a better option than this little gem from RCA.

With a 50-inchscreen, four HDMI ports, and plenty of customization options, you’ll have everything you need to settle down and enjoy your TV shows after a long day of work. While it doesn’t feature many of the bells and whistles of the LG OLED, this TV still has incredibly good picture quality, for the price, and plenty of customization options. The built-in sound system isn’t bad at all, and though it won’t come close to replicating the feeling of a home theater, it’s more than good enough to catch every punchline in the latest episode of The Big Bang Theory. If you have hearing issues, you can’t understand what the characters are saying, there’s also options for closed captioning and subtitling.

3)   Vizio P65-F1 (Average Price – $1,200)

For the middle of the road viewers, who can afford to do better than a bargain TV, but need all the extra features of the top of the line models, the P65-F1 is the perfect compromise. With a full 65-inch screen, this offering from Vizio supports Component, USB, RF, and five HDMI plugins, so you can enjoy plugging in a host of different devices to enhance your experience. Though it doesn’t support 4Kresolution, the LED, HDR-10 and Dolby Vision enabled picture will deliver a great viewing experience, with ample settings to create the perfect look for gaming, TV shows, and movies.