[THEME] TWRP Holofied – Black / Dark / Light / Play [Updated 05/09/13]



About Theme

  • Recovery gone App.
  • This is a heavily modified version of the theme by thecoby.
  • Button labels on all pages are images (looks much nicer than the rendered fonts).
  • Almost all images created new from vector source (will be released later on to support porting and allow for easy changes to appearance).
  • Designed for 24h clock. To use AM/PM, edit variables in ui.xml, values are included as comment.
  • This theme is designed for the 2013 N7, it will not work on the 2012 model.
  • The theme is compatible with TWRP versions up to, but encryption page is not functional on versions older than
  • Theme is not compatible with the modified Multiboot version of TWRP.
  • Port the theme as much as you like. Second post will soon be updated with some info on this topic.
  • You use this theme at your own risk.

How to use:

  1. Download the theme of your choice and rename it to “ui.zip”.
  2. On internal storage open TWRP folder and create a folder called “theme”, no caps allowed.
  3. Copy ui.zip to theme folder.
  4. Restart to recovery.


Holofied Black

Holofied Dark

Holofied Light

Holofied Play



  • Holofied Play released (please give feedback)


  • added password promt pages for restoring encrypted backups (all)

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