Tips to Sell Products on Instagram

Sell products

Instagram is a very popular social networking site. It has millions of users because the account can be made for free and you start getting followers. There is actually no provision to post any status update but you just need to post pictures and use hashtags. These hashtags are medium through which people who have similar interests and life stories like you can get in touch with you. they just need to hit the follow button on your profile and your photos will come on their news feed on Instagram. However, one more use of Instagram these days is to sell products. Reda ahead to know how this is possible.

  1. Make your store’s Instagram page: First of all, you need to make an Instagram age for your store. This should have an attractive name but should also be something that is found easily. This page can be made for free and you do not need to invest in it at all. Also, you can instantly make it into a business profile. This option is available on the setting section. You can also link it to your Facebook page.
  2. Contact resellers on Instagram itself: Next, you need to contact re-sellers. This can be done in both ways. By this, I mean that you too will need someone who can provide you wish the products at extremely cheap rates. This is why you can contact the owner of other Instagram pages. However, please note that they will provide you items on discounted rated only when you place bulk orders. You can keep a list of these contacts. On the other hand, if you have your own line of products, then you can provide it to the resellers who will then sell them to their clients. You must be sure of the pricing scheme that you are adopting.
  3. Post original pictures: Next, it is a massive requirement on Instagram to post only the original images. This means that you must post pictures of how the item would look in real. This is a common demand by the potential customers.Since it is a virtual platform, they need something on the basis of which they are able to build their trust. The number of online scams is always on a rise and this is why they cannot take any chances if there is no option for COD (cash on delivery).
  4. Be available and post regularly: Last but definitely not the least, you should always be available to chat. This means that as soon as a customer sends in a query, you should be available to help them out. If you are too busy and cannot devote enough time, then there are chances that the customer may find some other alternative. This is why you must have enough knowledge about your items and stock. Also, there may be clients who keep asking you for more options but after a point, you need to put your foot down because if they end up ordering nothing, then all your time is actually wasted.

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