Tynker App Review: Teaches Your Kid to Code Like a Pro

Do you want your kids to learn to code right from a young age?

Most parents don’t want their kids to dive into such a serious hobby so early in their life. Maybe they want their children to discover what they like and dislike as they grow older–which is a noble thing to do. However, learning to code is not that tough, also, if done the right way, it can be a lot of fun. Apart from making your kid good at math and logical thinking, coding also stimulates creativity and innovation.

Moreover, in a survey done by a popular programming website known as Stackoverflow, 8.7% percent of the participants identified themselves to be younger than 10 years. Needless to say, it was their parents who filled in the survey form, but the point I am trying to make here is, because of platforms like Tynker, children these days are beginning to learn to code just like any other craft. It is no more a big deal.

Features of Tynker

1) Earn cool badges as you finish more courses


Tynker has a reward system that motivates learners to continue their education without feeling jaded or bored. Instead of thinking in terms of chapters in a particular course, the student can focus on the cool badges they receive after finishing a milestone. Also, there is a feature that allows the student to build games and play them.

2) Tynker promotes creativity with its DIY projects

Tynker has a suite that allows a student to built whatever they imagine with just a few clicks. To build a game, all a student has to do is follow the step-by-step instructions provided by the tutor. Once, the student is proficient in building a particular game, they can then proceed to DIY projects.

3) Facility to learn on the go

With the three highly-rated apps for mobile learning, a student can learn to code no matter where they are. They could be commuting on a school bus or having lunch with their buddies. Learning does not stop. Also, each of these 3 apps is designed for a specific age group: Tynker Junior(for ages 4-7), Tynker(for ages 7-14) and Mod Creator (for ages 7-14).

What I like about Tynker

I like that Tynker is one of the rare online education platforms that is solely focused on teaching kids how to code. Everything on Tynker is tailor-made for a kid between 4-14 years of age. Unlike other platforms, your kid will never find Tynker being monotonous or tedious.

What I don’t like about Tynker

Tynker is a paid platform. There is no free version available. This is the only thing I don’t like about Tynker. I wish they offer a free version for parents who cannot afford to pay a monthly fee.

My recommendation

I recommend Tynker to kids for ages 4-14 who wish to learn math, logical thinking, creative thinking right from a young age. Besides, they don’t necessarily have to aspire to work as a computer programmer in the future. They have nothing to lose.


As I already mentioned, Tynker is a paid medium. There are three individual plans:

1) Quarterly($20/month)

2) Yearly($10/month) and

3) Lifetime($180 one time payment)


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