Versum: A Totally New Gaming Platform Is Coming

This fall all gamers will be able to check a totally new interactive media-project named Versum. This is a new universe, that lives according to its own rules and laws. The project is based on a books series “Versum” written by famous Russian fantasy authors Dmitry Yankovsky, Alexey Gravitsky, Oleg Bonbdarev, and others.

You may ask about what makes Versum different from many other fantastic worlds, well-known Star Wars or S.T.A.L.K.E.R for example? To answer this question, we should mention several facts.



What does make it so special?

First of all, the world of Versum itself doesn’t remind any of others mentioned above. Moreover, it is totally different! The authors of this project asked themselves a very important question: “What would happen if the human race invented a new chemical element, which would change the way of mankind’s development once and forever?” Maybe it sounds a little bit unreal, but it’s quite possible to imagine today: it can be a new source of energy, or some medicine from senility for example. As for the world of Versum, the invention of amny has become such an element, able to be used as an alternative source of energy and a base for new technologies’ development.

People begin using amny in all spheres of their live, and this element becomes popular very soon. This is quite logical, isn’t it? Just imagine our own world without oil for example. It’s clear, that big corporations would appear at once, which announced amny being their own development and controlled the world. And there would definitely be some fractions that didn’t like the element and wanted to destroy it.

And special people appeared, who called themselves The Likes, and who had gained the ability to see causes and effects of things and events – the so-called Essences – and affect them directly, causing some changes in the material world. Some Likes began working on corporations, other ones remained lonely heroes.

We think it would be interesting to observe the development of such an universe. The second thing that differs Versum from other fantasy worlds is the fact users will be able to influence its events, not only observe them. All global changes – a war announcement or a death of some key characters – will depend on gaming community’s decision. By the way, there is no such a project in the Net yet: usually, it’s not gamers or fans who determine the further development of the world, but its creators. Versum gives each of us a chance to change the history.


How will we do that?

Developers created a special application that will work at all platforms, including iPad, iPhone, and Android. All events of that world will be possible to observe through the Internet. Thanks to the platform, the participants of the project will be able to see the progress of each other, and determine all future actions.

Versum fans will get books, comics, and computer games based on this fantasy universe. For example, you will find some codes and puzzles in Versum books which, when solved, give you a chance to change something in Versum world. All products of this project will be connected, and they will give you a whole detailed picture of that world – dangerous, cruel, but thus more interesting.

When released, Versum universe will be available in Russian only. So, if you are lucky to know Russian, it’s your chance to join the community of Versum fans. If not, you will have to wait the moment, when this platform is open in English.

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