WeBoost Drive 4G-X RV Promises Strong Cell Signals on Long RV Trips

Weboost 4G drive

Imagine driving your RV to a remote location far from the closest cell tower. You want to make a phone call, but the signal strength shows only a short bar or two. The WeBoost Drive 4G-X RV is uniquely designed for this type ofscenario. This cell signal booster is made just for drivers of RVs who often travel to rural or far-off areas.

Read below to learn more about the WeBoost cell signal booster and whether it is suited for your RV needs:

The Basic Design

The WeBoost Drive 4G-X RV is an in-vehicle signal booster. It is available as a kit andcomes in several parts that need to be assembled.

The kit includes the booster, two 4G antennas, a 20-inch cable, mounts, cable entry cover, and two AC/DC power supply modules. Antennas should be attached both outside and inside. The exterior antennae is a 304421 4G omni model that receives signals from multiple directions. The interior freestanding antenna sports a freestanding design suited for flat surfaces.

Installation is relatively easy for RV roadtrippers. The booster comes with a manual that details how the antennas should be fixed. If a problem occurs, the manufacturer offers unlimited technical support. The antennas should be carefully placed to benefit from the best signal. The outdoor antenna, for example, works best when placed vertically.

The overall design of the WeBoost Drive 4G-X RV meets FCC (50 dB) standard permits recreational RVers to use this type of device. The gadget works with 2G to 4G LTE networks. The booster is compatible with all major U.S. and Canadian cell carriers.

Pro-RV Benefits

Most cell boosters are designed for business or at-home personal use. The main benefit of this WeBoost model is that it has been designed with RVers in mind. The in-vehicle booster is amply suited for life on the road. The gadget is completely wireless, so users can connect multiple smartphones, tablets, or even data transfer devices to strengthen the signal.

RV riders who work on the go will benefit from this device the most. It can prevent network error issues when transferring data. Otherwise, the booster works perfectly to minimize unclear signals and dropped calls.

The WeBoost Drive 4G-X RV works when the RV is both on the move and stationary. There is no need to change antennas for either position.  The booster includes a 60dB amplifier, which is quite powerful for a gadget of this sort. FCC limits in-vehicle boosters to only 50dB. Therefore, thanks to the outside antennae, RV drivers can significantly strengthen weak to moderate signals without the need to park their vehicle.

Price Vs Value

The WeBoost Drive 4G-X RV retails at minimum $499. It’s quite expensive compared to small, in-vehicle cell boosters. However, as explained above, the gadget comes with a powerful amplifier. In addition, the booster supports long battery life for connected devices. When on-the-go signal amplifying is taken into consideration, the price of this signal booster is well-justified.

It should be noted that the device comes with lifetime tech support for the WeBoost without any additional fees. All in all, the WeBoost for RVs is well worth considering for those long road trips.