5 Android Games everyone has played in their Lifetime

Most of us have android phones with one or two games in them. The games almost play the role of a safety haven for when we are in an awkward public situation or when out alone. Some games though, get themselves a place in our heart to play them even otherwise. Here are 5 of them listed-


This game was released in 2012 by King. It is a puzzle game digitalized where 3 types of candy has to be matched. That is the basic principle of the game. Addictive and popular, everyone from all age groups play this game. Modes like multiplayer can be opted while playing this game.


A thrilling and adventurous game developed by Imangi Studios in 2011. It is a 3D running game which can keep going on forever till you reach an obstacle and are defeated by it, losing your character’s life. In this game, you will have to keep running and crossing obstacles in an Indiana Jones style. Swiping right is the main trick. You will have to dodge, jump, slide to avoid boogy traps, fire, water and cliffs. You can take on several roles as the game moves further. There are many versions of Temple Run:

  1. Temple Run
  2. Temple Run 2

Developed by Rovio Entertainment, it is a cute video game. There are many developed and different versions each better than the previous one. Birds have to be thrown to destroy maximum number of pigs. The birds are thrown against the forts and structures constructed by the pigs. The game also resembles an older game where stones are used to destroy castles. There are three main types of birds- The black bird (explodes), The green bird (acts like a boomerang) and the red bird (classic and no out of the box quality. Hundreds of brain racking levels and challenges, it is known to be a simple yet complex game suited for small breaks also.

  • 2048

This is one addicting game for number and math lovers. You will find tiles with some of them having numbers on them. When you swipe two tiles against each other, they merge as one tile, adding the numbers together. But to be kept in mind is that only those tiles can merge that have the same number on them. So, the summed up values are all a power of 2 and are the double of their parts. This game was developed by Gabriele Cirulli.


This video game was developed by Halfbrick and released in the year of 2010. It is a simple yet addicting game where the main activity is that of slicing fruit. It has the multiplayer and multiple gameplay modes. Fruits are thrown at the screen and the player has to cut the fruit using a blade. Slicing multiple fruits at a single go is allowed and will also be rewarded a bonus when it is achieved. For the game to end, the player must have sliced all the fruit or missed three fruits. Mode like the Zen mode allows the removal of obstacles like the bombs, so that the player can just focus on the slicing of the fruits.

Versions include-

  1. Fruit Ninja Classic
  2. Fruit Ninja VR
  3. Fruit Ninja Kinect 2
  4. Fruit Ninja FX
  5. Fruit Ninja Academy

Winter vacation is nearing giving us more free time. Let’s swipe out our phones and get playing! Well, even if it is not vacation, take a break and go crazy playing these games.