5 Best iPhone Spy Apps for 2019

Most people still think that a spy app is only used by detectives and military personnel on secret missions. But this is not true. You can download a spy app on your iPhone and begin tracking your kids or employees activities within a few seconds. All you will need is one-time access to your target’s phone. The apps will generate reports on your target’s activities like phone calls, text messages, location, etc.

Here are the 5 best iPhone spy apps for 2019.

1. TrackMyFone

TrackMyFone is an all-in-one spy app for iPhone. With this app, you monitor and control your kid’s phone and protect them from the dangers of using a smartphone. Internet is great things but it also has a lot of downsides. Especially, when it comes to the mental health of your child, overuse or misuse of it can lead to some serious problems in their life. With TrackMyFone, you can lock their phone before bedtime so their sleep doesn’t get disturbed due to the notifications on their phone.

2. Mobistealth

Mobistealth has over 500,000 downloads and is one of the best spy apps for iPhone. This iPhone monitoring app allows you to locate your kids and check on them without bothering them with annoying phone calls. No one like to be treated like a child. Not even kids. Mobistealth is a great mediator between people which lets them stay connected all the time. With this app, you can also view all the chats and conversations on your kid’s smartphone.

3. Spyzie


Whether you are a concerned parent or a highly productive business owner, you can now monitor the activities on your target’s phone without having to install an app on it. There is only condition that your target’s phone must be connected to the internet. With this app, you can also view images or videos on your target’s phone. This app keeps you from becoming a victim or getting used by someone else. If you are an employer, you would want to know the activities of your employees. Especially your sales staff as their job is purely based on visiting clients and closing the deal.

4. XNSPY iPhone Spy App


Every spy app for iPhone on this has something unique to offer.  XNSPY is no different. It backs up all the information on iClould and alerts you each time a new backup is been processed. Moreover, you can also watch the top 5 callers on your target’s phone. This way you will know with whom your child or an employee is in communication with. Tracing personal calls of your employees may not be the most ethical thing to so. But you can track the company phones that you provide to your employees.

5. FlexiSPY

FlexiSPY is a spy app for iPhone that has more than 150 features including tracking activities on iPhone apps like Facebook, Viber, and Skype. You won’t believe but it also lets you intercept live phone calls. Isn’t that awesome. You can listen and record all the phone calls that your kid or employee is making. Moreover, you can also remotely activate their cameras and get a live feed of the activities of your target. There is no other spy app for iPhone that offers this many features.


Make sure you buy a spy app that offers good customer service and performs regular updates. Do not download free apps that promise you big things. They are mostly scams and will steal your personal information. The spy apps listed above have phenomenal reviews on the Apple store and are trusted by millions of users worldwide.