5 Tests to Run on Your ECommerce Site Before Launching

Ecommerce site run

As you are learning how to create an online store, it is easy to get excited to learn and sadly come out of the gate prematurely. You only have once for a big launch debut so you want to make sure that everything is going to go smoothly. Yes, it is true that you can do a grand re-opening or some other event to bring more news to your store, but getting it right the first time is the best way to go about things.

If you want to have the most successful opening possible, you need to test your site before it goes live. While this extra step may keep your virtual door closed a couple more days, the annoyance and pain that you save yourself will be worth any loss of sales.

Compatibility & Responsiveness

People are shopping on many different browsers and devices. You are going to have so many combinations that it can be a challenge to make sure that your store looks great on all of the different screens. There are tools that can help you check to make sure that you are giving the best experience when people come to your site.

Remember that people have many different options when they are searching for a product online and you want to be the one that they choose. If they click your site from their phone and see the desktop version of your site, you can be sure that they are going to click back as quickly as they came to your site.

You can use a site like Broswerling to check your site and see how it looks on the different platforms. If it isn’t the way that you want it, this is the perfect time to fix it. You can do some tests for free on this site, but there is a paid version if you want to unlock more.


When we talk about content, I am not only talking about the text that is on your site. We mean anything that your potential customer is going to see whether it is text, an image, a video or anything else that you can come up with. If your customer can see it, you need to make sure that it is perfect.

Check through your entire site for spelling errors, grammar errors, places where you meant to put images and didn’t and especially check for poor product descriptions throughout your site. If your product has a poor description, you are writing its death sentence. Product descriptions should evoke emotions and cause people to get into motion click the add to cart button.

If you are not a good writer, you can hire someone to write top of the line product descriptions for your store. You should not launch your store until you have the best product descriptions possible.


Since your website is interactional, you can’t simply look at your site and figure out if there are any errors. You have to click through your site and see if the buy buttons are operating right, if you can click to go to your cart or click to continue shopping. Each and every function that your customers are going to be using on a daily basis needs to be tested.

Not only should you test them on one computer and browser, but you should test them over multiple devices and browsers to ensure that everything is working properly and no one is going to be turned away from the buy button.

If you do find any challenges with functions, make sure that you have a good web developer on hand to help you through the process. Web developers are coders that understand how to make your site function the way that it needs to.

User Experience

Your user experience (aka UX) is vital when you are selling products online. When your users comes on the site, they need to know exactly where to go and be able to get there easily.

When you are setting up your site, you need to align the images and navigation in a way that is going to allow them to click through the site and preform purchases and research any products that they are interested in.

If you are not a professional website designer but you don’t have the budget to get anyone else to do the work for you, make sure that you have friends and family use the site and give you any feedback they can offer. Since you built the site, you know where things are going to be, but you want to test and see if the average person is going to be able to navigate the site.

Site Speed

Your site’s speed is important, not only for user experience but for SEO purposes. Search engines like Google know that people want to surf the web fast. If your website operates on the slow side, you are going to find that your search engine rankings are hampered.

You need to identify the problem and fix it quickly. You may be dealing with a slow host and need to upgrade or change your hosting or you might have errors on your site that is causing it to slow down. Figuring out the problem and having a professional remedy it is before launching is important.


Having your own ecommerce store can be a great additional source of income. When you set up your store in a way that it serves the customer and is optimized for sales, you have the ability to do very well.

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