5 Things We All Hate About Technology

Do you believe that the advancement in technology impedes the social progress of human beings?

Even organizations like the RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce) that it is in our interest to steer technological advancement towards the growth and betterment of humans as opposed to destroying the essence of it. With the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning, it doesn’t seem like we are headed in the right direction. In this post, I have shared 5 things I hate about technology

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Here Are the 5 Things We All Hate About Technology

1) People have become less social

With the availability of a smartphone with high-speed internet, people have a lot to do these days than they had back in the days. Surely there are more upsides to modern smartphone technology than downsides, but it is making people (particularly, teenagers and those in the early 20s) boring and asocial. It’s about time we realized how it is affecting our social life.

2) It is okay now to interrupt someone without permission

Since this is a productive rant in the negatives of modern technology, I will also talk about how people these days feel free to interrupt others without their permission. Take text messages for example. These days. it is perfectly fine to send some multiple texts without considering how the other person is feeling about it. The same goes for social media notifications.

3) Ill-usage of clickbait

You will be surprised to learn that clickbait was originally intended to get people’s attention so that government officials could share information that is necessary for people to have. Some advertising agencies in the 60s and 70s also used it the right way. I can’t say the same in 2020. 

4) Fascination with selfies

Another problem with having a smartphone with you 24×7 is we get tempted to capture everything that is going on in our life. Surely, our life is important and the moments we share with our loved ones need to be cherished. The problem arises when some people get addicted to taking selfies. It should also be noted that selfies were originally meant to take your photograph when there is no one around to do the job for you.

5) It is ruining the planet

On the one hand, technology is making us productive. We are getting more done for less. Software technology has made the use of old fashioned bookkeeping and accounting methods completely pointless. The same goes for other industries like hospitals, libraries, and restaurants. While on the other hand, it is forcing us to use up earth’s natural resources until depletion. Whether technology is helping the planet or not is debatable but surely, there is room for change.


A better life isn’t just about getting things done fast, traveling at high speeds, or being able to recover from a life-threatening disease within weeks. Surely, these things are required. But the social progress and well-being of human beings and the planet also should be taken into consideration.