5 Upcoming Phone Technologies That Might Just Revolutionize The World

upcoming technology

The pace at which technology is reshaping the world is only going to speed up in future. Many innovations which we believe would be in future, but unsurprisingly many of the innovations are here already or even in the previous years. Some of the revolutionary changes which are being developed or have been developed are:

They are the new hot trend. Masses just love to wear their smartphones on their wrist! In the rush to stand out from the bland crowd, the smartphones suppliers are innovating (or rather forced) new and stylish wearable. Not only smart watches fall into this category but the fitness band are also quite in demands nowadays. After Samsung gear, the Apple too has finally launched its first wearable smart watch.

Wearable or smartphone, whatever would be the Bypass Three Mobile tether blockmobile device of future. But they will require connectivity for sure. 4G is in market. Despite 4G itself being in nascent stage,many attentions are turning to 5G research and standards. Although many believe that rather than any innovation 5G would be just same as 4G with a faster speed. At this moment, 5G is just a series of proprietary trials conducted by industry.

The title is really exciting itself. How about controlling your own drone with your smartphone to capture a picture of your farmhouse from top? Sounds cool right? Until now drones have always been in news for wrong reasons. A drone can fly more quickly and cheaply than a helicopter. With a camera on board, it can be very useful. It can be used for emergency purposes when somehow the emergency would not be able to reach the accident spot on time, at such instances the paramedics on scene can talk to the hospital. Drones can also be used to deliver or collect grocery.

Toy remote control cars are very popular among kids. But innovators are trying to develop a technology which will enable us to control our cars without any driver. You would be able to control your car by using your smartphone as a remote control. Although such technology exists, still it is not viable and is not at all affordable by mass.

Virtual Reality which is also known as computer simulated multimedia is a computer technology that replicates an environment, real or imagined and simulates a user’s physical appearance and environment to allow for user interaction. Although VR usage in military training is not a new thing but the way it is reaching to masses(thanks to Samsung Gear and Google Cardboard), there is no doubt that soon even the Virtual Reality would reach the new Zeniths of innovations.

The future of mobile technologies is very bright for sure. In just next 5 to 10 years you will witness a huge and drastic change in mobile technologies which can be termed a revolutionary or world changing. These changes will not only transform our personal and home lives but our work lives as well.