6 Best Offline Racing Games For Android[November 2019]

Are you one of those people who think racing games are boring and monotonous?

I understand how you feel. Some games are meant to be played once in a while. Not every game is going to be loaded with points, rewards and exciting upgrades. But the offline racing game I have shared in this post are designed to hook you in and get you addicted to them.

real racing android

Here are the 6 best offline racing games for Android[November 2019]

1) Asphalt 8

Asphalt 8 is one of the best offline racing games for Android devices. This is not a silly game where you knock stuff around– out of boredom. Like NFS, the graphics are stunning and the game runs smoothly also on budget phones. Plus, as you become proficient with the game, you get to choose from more cars and also upgrade its accessories. 

2) Drag Racing

Drag racing a nitro fuelled racing game by Creative Mobile Games. To make the game more interesting, the creators have offered the option to select any car from a selection of 50 different car styles. You can also customize your car and the garage to make it look the way you want.

3) Thrill Rush Theme Park

Not all games are meant to be serious. Thrill Rush Theme Park from Spil Games is an upgrade to its first version Uphill Rush. This game has a lot of rewards and prices as it is designed for kids under 10. But even an adult can let themselves loose and have a bit of fun flying through theme parks.

4) Beach Buggy Blitz

Beach Buggy Blitz from Vector Unit is another silly game for those who want to take it easy for a while. You get to drive a hot-rod beach buggy through a tropical island. The game does not offer you points and neither does it track your performance. You are just supposed to 

drive through an island crowded with tiki statues, grass shacks, giant crabs, lava monsters and also yetis.

5) Polydrive

Poly Drive is an action and adventure game from Tweaking Technologies. This game is perfect to play in the Christmas season as it allows you to be a Santa and deliver gifts door to door. While your way you will be facing demons and monsters like SnowMan, Reaper, Snow Monkey, Devil Pumpkin and Naughty Clowns. Also, the game has amazing graphics.

6) Racing Fever

Racing Fever is a multiplayer offline racing game by Gameguru. As this a multiplayer game, you get to pick who you play with. You can also create your group and invite your friends to join in. Moreover, there are some new and little-known features like slow-mode and high-speed driving.


Racing games are fun when played with real players. But since you do not have access to internet, you have to resort to bots. The above-mentioned list of games are designed for a single player. With blasting music and interesting themes, you will feel like you are playing alone.