6 Best Twitter Accounts to Learn About Kotlin

Kotlin is a modern programming language that is still in the primitive stages of development. Even with a few bugs here and there, it is already being used by major corporations worldwide. The main reason being, it keeps developers happy by reducing the amount of code they write. 

Furthermore, every Java programmer dreads encountering null pointer exceptions on the console window, Kotlin is designed to eliminate null pointer exceptions altogether.


Here Are the 6 Best Twitter Accounts to Learn About Kotlin

1) Kotlin– @kotlin

This is the official Twitter account of Kotlin. It keeps you informed of all the updates and modifications being done on the platform. For a Kotlin developer or a newbie learning this language, it is a stage to gain detailed and incisive information about this topic. Further, you also get to interact with the Kotlin development team. The team also shares some interesting information about the platform via GIFs.

2) The Daily Kotlin– @DailyKotlin

The Kollin version 1.4 is out now. To get yourself familiarized with its new features, follow this Kotlin island, Russia-based Twitter account. The primary purpose of this account is to share with you the latest breaking news and tips about Kotlin. Although it is unknown as to who runs this account, you can learn a lot as the admin also retweets the most useful information.

3) Kotlin Weekly– @KotlinWeekly

This account is run by Enrique López-Mañas, a Koltlin developer and a tech enthusiast from Munich, Germany. The primary idea behind this page is to keep the fellow developers abreast of all the latest news and headlines related to Kotlin. You can also check out the Kotlin Weekly blog. The content is free for all. Furthermore, by sending your work to Kotlin Weekly, you can get it published without paying for it.

4) Kotlin Development– @HelloKotlin

This is a project from Andras Kindler, lead developer, and co-ordinator at the Makery Kotlin Development. The agenda of this community is to help businesses make the best use of Kotlin. As you already must know, Kotlin is used alongside Java, and hence it opens the door for innovation and modification of already existing enterprise-level software–which is commonly used by large corporations.

5) Hadi Hariri– @hhariri

There are not many on Twitter who claim to be Kotlin experts. The language is still in its primitive stages and yet to go mainstream. Hadi Hariri has been programming since the age of 12. Along with having expertise in Koltlin, Hadi has a lot to offer to the programming community. For starters, he is also a founder and contributor to the popular programming blog known as JetBrains.

6) Talking Kotlin– @talkingkotlin

Talking Koltlin is a technical podcast hosted by the Hadi Hariri. On the podcast, Hadi invites top Kotlin developers and industry experts to share their knowledge and expertise. The content is information-packed and designed to answer everything you always wanted to know about Kotlin. 


Kotlin is one of those programming languages that can be used with any Java IDE or even build from the command line itself. Whether you have experience working with IntelliJ, Android Studio, Eclipse, or any other IDE, you can get started with Kotlin without facing any issues.