6 PC Maintenance Tips You Should Definitely Put Into Action

Computers are a must in today’s digital age. We use them for just about everything, from work to computer gaming. One of the most popular computers is of course the PC. This is mainly because they are reliable, and far cheaper than the Apple Mac options.

However, you do need to take care of your PC if you want to get the most out of it. After all, your PC probably contains some pretty important things, such as work files, files that are essential to your daily life, and don’t forget about those image and video memories.


If you take care of your PC, your PC will last long and you will not need to worry about the computer breaking, causing some serious stress. This is where PC maintenance comes into play. And it may be more than simply checking d-sub connectors, which connect your monitor to your PC.

No, PC maintenance goes far beyond that indeed. It involves cleaning your keyboard properly, backing up files, checking security and firewalls, and much more. The following PC maintenance tips you should definitely put into action can serve as your quick guide. Let’s get to it!

1. Clean Your Computer Properly

Dust and other foriegn object can cause your computer to have serious trouble if not cleaned properly. If you have a laptop, you can blow out the dust and debris using cleaning material specifically for computers, like Dust-Off. You can also use computer cleaning wipes to wipe down the keyboard and screen.

For a desktop, you will need to remove the case cover and blow out the dust and debris inside. Be sure you are not blowing with too much pressure, as this can damage some of your desktop computer’s components. Also, be sure you are getting into those ports and crevices for best cleaning results.

2. Ensure Vents Are Clear

Your computer needs to cool properly, otherwise it could overheat and this can cause damage to your PC performance. If vents are blocked, cooling becomes a bit difficult. This makes keeping vents clear and clean essential. If not, you may find your PC breaking, which could be costly.

3. Stop Overcharging Your Battery

This is another maintenance tip you should put into action to have a high performing, long lasting computer. Overcharging your computer battery is a pretty common thing, since many simply leave the computer plugged in for days at a time. If you do this, you could lose the ability to keep your computer charged.

4. Backup Files And System Regularly

One of the most important things you can do when it comes to PC maintenance is to backup your computer files and system on a regular basis. If your hard drive fails, or your computer becomes faulty due to not performing proper maintenance, you could lose everything you stored.

To ensure this does not happen to you, it is essential to backup files and your system. You can do this by moving important things to the cloud, or to an external hard drive. So if your computer crashes, you have a backup of everything. And you will need to do this regularly, like every two weeks, or every month.

5. Use Antivirus And Malware Often

The digital age we live in has ushered in a new wave of cyber crime via malware and computer viruses. In fact, malware has become a very common issue for both businesses and individual PC users. Simply opening one email can expose you to a cyber crime, and all your computer data is given to a cyber criminal.

This makes running antivirus and malware scans on a schedule very important. For example, you can utilize Windows Defender to run antivirus and threat prevention tasks on your PC if you have Windows 10.

6. Always Utilize Your PC Firewall

This is another essential PC Maintenance tip you should definitely put into action. Your Windows firewall is in your operating system, and it is the first line of defense from malware and other common cyber attacks. For instance, your firewall can filter information from the internet and stop bad programs from installing on your computer.

Your firewall should be running at all times for best PC maintenance results. This is because you can have programs automatically installed to your computer by simply clicking the wrong button, or entering a bad website online.

In Conclusion . . .

The above PC maintenance tips are among the most important. They are, however, only the tip of the iceberg. There are a ton more preventive maintenance tips you can research and employ to keep your computer safe, high performing, and free from downtime. What is your top tip? We want to hear from you.