7 Awesome Mobile Apps that All Lawyers Should Use

Would your busy lawyer life be so much easier if you could simply automate some of the tedious tasks you undertake? There may be an app for that. Here is a list of some of the coolest android apps that can make a lawyer’s life at least a little bit stress free:

1. Depose

This app will make drafting depositions possible while on the go. You can write and edit depositions straight from this app. Also, it allows attachments, importing text from .txt files, reorganizing deposition structure, personalizing templates and many more cool features. Drafting will be easier when you use this app on a tablet.

2. Evernote

Lawyers are obsessive note takers. It can be really bothersome to keep mountains of notepads and sort through them all later. Evernote is the best answer to virtual note taking. Once you master the app, taking notes on your phone or tablet while on the go will be a piece of cake. You will also be able to easily organize your notes to access them when needed.

3. SignNow

This neat app allows lawyers to take signatures from anywhere right on a smartphone or tablet. Anyone can sign simply using their finger. Then the signature can be uploaded to a Word or PDF document and emailed. If you are an Atlanta bankruptcy lawyer following through a busy schedule for example, an automatic sign taking app like this can make your life much easier.

4. MyCase

Know when your court date is due? Do you keep track of court holidays and special days? This app is made just to keep track of court days, court dates and regular weekdays. It will make it easier for you to calculate your schedule and account for court holidays. It can be adjusted to suit your jurisdiction. Results can be emailed.

5. Dictate+Connect

Are you a lawyer who likes to dictate everything into a recorder or a typist? Then you can fire your assistant and rely on this app instead. You can dictate into the app and then instantly send the file as a verbal memo or email it to your transcriber. You can use this app and ditch carrying a recorder everywhere.

6. Negotiation 360º

Have a tough case coming up? Then use this app to improve your lawyerly negotiating skills. This app was designed by Michael Wheeler, a professor at Harvard Business School. You can also evaluate your own negotiating skills. It’s a great app to own to boost your style when you have the free time.

7. Westlaw

This is a great app for doing legal research from your phone. The app provides users with a number of legal research topics. You can do the research and then save the topics into folders and email the content for later use. The app can sync the research with multiple devices for ease of use. It’s perfect for busy lawyers on the go.

The above apps are compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Use one or two to make doing your work more convenient.

Christopher Benitez