7 Safety Apps That Should Be On Every Woman’s Phone


Safety of women in India has always been a topic of serious concern. This is something which has never been able to get abolished from the country since ever. Something serious happens, people talk about it, serious actions and care are taken for few days and then again everything is back to where it began. Women are not safe and we do not feel safe to walk alone on the streets, no matter what age group we belong to. In this era, it is not always possible to be with someone all the time or have a person as a bodyguard for yourself. Women are independent and they have to walk out of the house for various reasons. And it is totally fine to be independent. But, precautions are always needed because you are a WOMAN. Hence, if not anything else, let us all have these safety apps on our phones in case of an emergency.

>1. VITH U

In the list of the best safety apps for women, Vith U tops our list. It is an initiative started by the V Gumrah TV series for the safety of women. This app is great because it sends location notification of you to your selected contacts in case you are in danger. You just have to hit the power button twice. The best part is that it sends notifications to your contacts every two minutes.
vithu app


One of the easiest operating safety apps for women is the Safetipin. It has Hindi and English language options. The features provided by this app are GPS tracking, safe locations directions, sending messages and location to the selected contacts, directory option, and pinning of the safe and unsafe areas to help others.

safetipin app

3. SMART 24*7

This is one of the best safety apps for women and every woman must have this on her phone. The best feature is that it is connected with the police directly. Just by clicking the panic button, a call will be sent to the police and if GPRS is not working for any reason then the location will be sent via message. It also sends the photos, audios, and videos of the location. Also, they have tracking, chatting and customer care features.

smart 24*7 app


This is also a nice and a quick app for women. This is one of those safety apps which sends the location, specific street address, 30-second audio recording just by shaking the phone or aggressively taking out the headphones if they are on. You have to set the preferred contacts as per your choice.

i go safely app


Shakti or I am Shakti is another same kind of safety apps. This app also sends your location to your desired contacts through GPS tracking. If your location is not available due to some reasons, it will send your location when it is tracked. You have to press the power button of your phone 5 times in 2 seconds to activate this app’s feature.

shakti app


Be safe is one of the creative safety apps for women. This app sends a live GPS tracking to your contacts along with an alarm and a siren. Additionally, this app will send a fake call to your contacts with the location and the siren. You must have this on your phone.

b safe app


This app says every woman to be fearless. Through this app, every woman can customize with the options like shaking, sending message or call, and pressing the button. It sends the location to the selected contacts with every 300 meters change of the location or every two hours.

nirbhaya app

These were some of the most required and must have safety apps in every woman’s phone. Safety is always the better choice and if the technology is favouring us, we must use it properly for ourselves. It is a matter of every woman’s safety and dignity.

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