8 Gadgets that are Changing the World for People with Disabilities



Technology has been a boon to us many ways. Can you even imagine what life today would be like without a phone or a laptop? Sounds boring doesn’t it? To ensure that the boons of technology are available for all of mankind there are many gadgets available in the market that have been designed especially for the disabled. These gadgets ensure that they aren’t left behind. They won’t help them see or hear or walk per se but they make the ordeal much simpler. Here are 8 gadgets that are changing the world for people with disabilities:


It is one the latest gadgets in the market. This gadget helps hearing and speech impaired individuals communicate with others. UNI can also convert speech into text to permit a good two- way communication. Also, it has a software that creates custom sign language and the disabled can change it according to their needs. It is available in two versions, one being available offline and the other which requires constant internet access.


Dot is the first Braille smart-watch. It is a wearable device. Dot is an extremely sensible solution that is also more affordable. Dot assists the blind people in accessing messages, tweets and even books. The tool operates with six dots on four cells found on the front surface of the smartwatch. These dots will rise-up or fall- down to form 4 letters in Braille. With this device you can connect to any smartphone via Bluetooth then receive and translate the information into Braille for the user.


Talkitt is a creative application that helps people with speech and language disorders such as autism to communicate with others. The software translates the slurred pronunciation into words that others can understand clearly to help the others know what they meant to say, despite their speech disorder. Talkitt works in all languages. It understands the user’s pattern speech first and creates a personal speech dictionary. It then identifies and recognizes the pronunciation with the help of which it translates the words into speech that we can understand.

4.Braille Edge 40

This device for blind people helps them control their computer,mobile or PDA. Braille Edge 40 connects with the device using Bluetooth or a USB cable. It then converts the text that is displayed on the device into Braille. It also lets the person use the device better. The built-in buttons which include ESC, Tab, Shift, Ctrl, Windows Key, etc make it easier to perform several tasks smoothly.

5.Sesame Phone

This gadget is a hands-free smartphone phone made for people with movement disabilities such asparalysis, cerebral palsy or spinal cord injuries. It is a modified version of Google’s Nexus 5 device. This means that the phone can be controlled using just the head. The head performs all the functions of the finger.


Liftware is a gadget that helps people with disorders such as Parkinson’s eat food without needing anyone’s assistance. It is a stabilizing handle that can be attached to a Liftware eating utensil such as a fork, spoon and soup spoon. This handle of reduces hand tremors by around 70%, which makes it extremely useful with people having moderate tremors. The device uses a computer system to recognize motion and then moves the handle in the direction opposite to that of the hand tremors.

7.Tobii Dynavox PCEye Explore

Tobii Dynavox PCEye Explore helps people with limited movement control a Windows computer using their eyes. It connects with the Windows 8 or 10 laptop or desktop and with the help of its eye tracker lets the disabled individual control the mouse and perform clicks. Its built-in software personalizes the PCEye Explore as per the individuals needs needs.

8.AXS Map

People with no disabilities don’t usually notice the wheelchair ramps and wheelchair-accessible restrooms. But these are extremely essential for individuals with motion disorders. Many public places are not equipped with these basic facilities. This causes loads of problems for individuals who need a wheelchair to go from one place to another. AXS Map is a map which shows the user the wheelchair-accessible ramps and restrooms in places such as restaurants, hotels, malls, etc. This map also tells the user how well-designed the facilities are using ratings.