A Look At The Magento 2 Extra Fee Extension: Most Valuable Features

In the last quarter of 2015, the ecommerce platform Magento announced its latest incarnation Magento 2. Packed with a number of features like increased performance, customizable admin panel and streamlined checkout process, Magento 2 provides a number of tools that can help users to control the functionality and content of their online business.

But many a times online businesses require features other than what is provided by the Magento’s core functionality. This is where Magento 2 extra fee extension comes into play. With the help of this extension store owners can charge their customers for additional services like insurance fee, express delivery, gift wrapping, etc.

The Magento 2 extra fee extension can be easily incorporated into your existing Magento without any difficulty. The installation process is easy and straight forward.

The extension has a number of applications and can be used in a wide range of scenarios. Below is a look at some of the major features store owners can utilize to increase the average order value by using the Magento 2 extra fee extension.

  • Credit card surcharge

One of the major benefits of this extension is that it is designed with credit card specific functionality. This means that store owners can charge additional fee for the payment gateway chosen by the customer.

Hence if a customer has provided details about his/her credit card, then the store owner can charge for the card payment. The store owners have the flexibility of charging a percentage or fix fee. They can also restrict it based on customer groups.

  • Product surcharge

With the help of the Magento 2 extra fee extension store owners can levy surcharge on the products bought by the customers.

The store owners can impose surcharge on each item added to the cart. They can also charge a surcharge based on a specific item by configuring the item’s product id.

For example, store owners can charge an additional 5% for items bought from a specific category like perfumes or bags.

Store owners also have the option of charging surcharge based on the cart attributes such as number of items purchased, total weight of the items of the cart etc.

  • Impose minimum order value

By adding the Magento 2 extra fee extension, store owners can enforce a minimum cart value for their customers. With this feature, if the customers do not shop for the minimum amount, the balance amount can be added to the cart as surcharge.

For example, if a store owner has fixed 300 as the minimum order value and the shopper purchases items for 260, then the remaining balance can be added to the cart as surcharge.

  • Shipping fees

By using theMagento 2 extra fee extension store owners can charge surcharge on the customers based on the shipping method selected during checkout.

For example, store owners can add peak time delivery charges when a customer chooses a particular delivery slot.

Store owners can also charge shipping based on the delivery address. They can charge different shipping rates for domestic and international delivery.

The store owners also have the option of “hiding” the shipping fees and make it visible only during the check out process.

They can also charge additional fees if the various items present in the cart have to be delivered in different addresses.

  • Surcharge on mode of payment

The Magento 2 extra fee extension gives store owners the flexibility of automatically charging a surcharge when a particular payment mode is chosen by the customer.

For example, a store owner can set a surcharge of 3% extra whenever a customer chooses to make payment via PayPal.

Hence with the help of the Magento 2 extra fee extension feature, store owners can fix and assign a transaction processing fee on any active payment methods supported by their website. They can make the fee mandatory or optional based on certain customer groups.

  • Additional features

Apart from the above mentioned surcharges, store owners can also charge customers a minimal amount as order fee. They can also impose surcharges based on customer groups. With the help of the Magento 2 extra fee extension store owners can also set the tax classes and levy surcharges accordingly.

They can utilize the tax classes set by default or assign new classes. By using the extension, store owners can also add a description for the surcharge.


The Magento 2 extra fee extension has a number of useful features that can help store owners create additional fees and charges easily. The extension can be installed without any hassles and is extremely helpful for managing and tracking the various surcharges.

The same features are important for Magento extra fee extensions (previous version of Magento CMS)

Hence, get started with the Magento 2 extra fee extension and see the magic for yourself.