A Trip to the Casino Can Make for a Fun Night Out, Even if You Lose

There is no denying the popularity of some casino games considered to be classics, otherwise the casino business would not be as thriving as it has been.  Detroit, Atlantic City, not to mention building the entire Las Vegas strip based on gambling shows that for a good night on the town, whether you’re with family, friends, or your significant other, it can make for a fun night out, provided you only bring with you what you can afford to lose.  Four of the major casino games can provide hours of fun, if you can go on a little winning streak to keep your money alive that long, to continue playing.  Good luck!

Slot Machines

Always popular and with a plethora of themes, gimmicks, not to mention penny, nickel, quarter, and dollar, you can find a slot that is to your amusement and hopefully come out a winner.  I personally enjoy the bonus spin games like Wheel of Fortune where you can hope to get an additional spin above for a good payout.  No matter what type of game and for what amount, always play the maximum per spin, so keep that in mind of playing what you can afford, as maximum will provide the optimal payout if you win.


One of the easiest table games to learn, and the most fun in my opinion is roulette.  Here you can play the outside, such as betting on black, or you can play the inside numbers where you can hope that your spin will land on one of your picks for a big payout.  Keep in mind there is a table minimum, so if you are playing inside you will have to make sure you’ve spread out enough of your number picks to equal what you need to get in the game (don’t worry the dealer will tell you if you’re not).


A game that is extremely popular but not one of my personal favorites is blackjack.  While the premise of the game I don’t mind, trying to beat the dealer with the highest to twenty-one, it your actions that can affect the other player’s hands at the table that doesn’t make me overly excited.  When I gamble I don’t want to think too much and just sit back and enjoy, but when you do win a hand or get a blackjack, it does get exciting, and for many, can win a good amount of money in a night.


While it can be difficult to learn, and probably recommend taking tutorials online before playing in person is craps.  This is where you will typically find a loud table, cheering or getting upset with the player does not roll the needed dice in order to make the table a lot of money.  While there isn’t so much “skill” involved as knowing where to bet and hoping the right numbers come out of the roll, it can be fun to take a stack of money and hit the craps table and hopefully get a roll or two in.