ADT Integrates Automation Technology with Amazon Alexa

ADT Home Security, one of the leading providers of home security and automation solutions in North America, has been gradually integrating with other products over the course of several years. 2015 saw ADT partner with Samsung’s SmartThings, as well as smart thermostat provider Nest.

These partnerships indicate the security company’s embracement of smart home devices, and later this month, ADT Pulse customers will soon be able to integrate their system with Amazon Alexa products.

This new partnership was announced at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in the midst of other new features for Alexa-powered devices such as Echo.

Pulse, the home automation ecosystem created by ADT, has seen a wealth of new features come into play, and with voice assistance in the mix, will certainly add a new degree to its portfolio. With Alexa integrated, Pulse customers will be able to arm and disarm their security system through simple voice commands.

Some commands, as indicated in a press release from ADT, include “Alexa: Tell ADT to disarm my security alarm, using PIN 1234,” and “Alexa: Tell ADT to lock the front door.”

The new ADT commands for Alexa add to the already more than 5,000 skills that the voice assistance program is already capable of performing.

Mentioning the PIN is an essential component of keeping the Alexa integration secure. A person’s home security system cannot be either armed or disarmed without the user saying the pin. This will ensure that only people who are familiar with the security system will be able to have any control over any of the commands.

Alexa will also be able to control other commands other than arming or disarming the system. Users will also be able to perform voice commands over other ADT Pulse functions, such as controlling the lights, locking doors, and powering on/off appliances.

The move benefits both users of ADT Pulse and Alexa products. With more than six million customers depending on ADT, those who already have an Alexa product in the home may be encouraged to make an upgrade to Pulse. Those who already have ADT Pulse may want the opportunity to make the transition to a voice-powered smart home and invest in Alexa.

According to the ADT press release, ADT customers can also expect Pulse 8.0 later this spring, which will come with a “revamped design” and a “more intuitive experience” with home automation. More specific details of Pulse 8.0 have yet to be released. Read a full review of the ADT Home Security System.