Apple fixes bug that resets default browser and mail client after reboot in iOS

Apple has released a new version of iOS 14 that resets default browser and default mail client settings to Safari and Mail. The bug came to light last week following the release of iOS 14.

The new version is iOS 14.0.1 and weighs around 150MB, depending on the device. The bug came to light last week, after users in iOS 14 set the default browser and mail client and found out that iOS had restored it after a reboot.

Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser are set as default browsers, while Microsoft Outlook and Google Gmail can be set as default mail client. Being able to set up a self-chosen browser or mail client as standard is a new feature of iOS 14, which came out last week.

The update fixes a number of other bugs, including one that caused the camera app to mostly fail on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, a bug that prevented phones from accessing Wi-Fi networks and one that prevented email sending. There is also an update for iPadOS with the same bugfixes.