Best Android Q features that you should know

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Google has introduced the Android Q which is the latest version of Android. It is one of the major updates by Google for Android. Google has just released the beta build of Android Q officially which was quite awesome. This time Google added a number of features in Android Q. Here in this article, we have listed some of the key features of Android Q. These features are listed in accordance with the Android Beta Q 1. Thus the Best features of Android Q are as follows.

Best Android Q features:

•    Native Screen Recorder: It is the most demanding feature by the audience. A majority of people uses a third party app for screen recording which causes a lot of problems. Now the Google has enabled this feature in Android Q. But it wasn’t enabled by default yet you have to enable this feature in developer mode. It is still under the development and the UI isn’t good at all.

•    Seamless Transfer:  Google has now added a number of feature flags in Android Q. One of the most important Android Q features is the “Seamless Transfer” feature. It basically helps to change the audio output. Whenever you play any music then it shows a musical note icon on the notification panel. By tapping this icon it will open a pop-up in which you can change audio output sources. This feature is very helpful when you are listening to music and want to extend to your friend. It will easily switch your audio output. You can enable this feature in the developer options menu.

•    Dark Mode: This is the most interesting and exciting feature of the Android Q. Basically this feature is not enabled by default and also don’t have any dedicated option. Google still works on this feature and it was looking awesome. However, there are many ways through which you can enable this feature.

•    Force Desktop Mode: It is one of the unique features of Android Q. Basically it helps to turn your smartphone into the desktop mode which gives a PC experience. This feature is available in the developer menu. This feature is still under development. However, the Force Desktop Mode is not working on Pixel series. As there is lack of HDMI support on USB-C port.

•    Theming Option: Google has now taken a big step to make it’s Android Q more exciting. The Android Q has now added a theme option through which you can customize the theme. You can change the shape of icons, accent colors (green, black, blue and purple). This feature is also available in Android P as well. You can use this feature in developer mode.

•    Easy Wi-Fi connectivity: Google has majorly focused on privacy. Therefore in this feature, you can share your Wi-Fi through the QR code. It helps in an easy and fast connection between the two devices. Through this feature, it helps to secure your original MAC address. By using the QR code it will generate a random MAC address which increases the privacy. You can use this feature in the Wi-Fi setting pane.

•    Freeform Windows: This feature is basically introduced with Nougat in 2017. But now Google has introduced this feature in Android Q. It has a dedicated option in the developer menu. While this feature works very well on the Pixel 3 XL. But you can only open a single freeform window at a single time. If you open another freeform window it will automatically close the previous one. It is most useful in desktop mode. You can use this feature in the developer menu under the app section.