Best Bluetooth Speakers under INR 5,000

Bluetooth Speaker

Anyone will buy Bluetooth speakers if they want to have great music outside the house. It is but obvious that you will have a greater volume than any standard iPod. These speakers are best for family get-together and while partying with friends. There has been a drastic evolution in Bluetooth speakers. Nowadays you even get portable speakers with improved technologies and latest upgrades.

But before going through the list let us see what all things you should keep in mind while buying a Bluetooth speaker

  • Range

Obviously you will be buying Bluetooth speaker so that you can connect it to the other devices via Bluetooth. Due to this you will obviously see to it that the range of the speaker is good. Though range of Bluetooth speaker varies but it is acceptable and won’t create any problem.

  • Power

If the battery life of Bluetooth speaker is not good then it is of no use buying it. Hence it is very important to buy such speaker which will have a good battery life that you will be able to get to enjoy music.

  • Special features

It is important that the speakers should have some additional features as you will be investing money to buy it. It is advisable to buy the speakers after comparing with other speakers.

  • Sound quality

It is very important that speaker produces clear sound and not deteriorate its quality. It is of no use to but a speaker which doesn’t produce good sound. Thus, this is the most important thing to take note of, while you are planning to buy a Bluetooth speaker.

Now, as you have a fair idea about what to look for, when planning to buy portable Bluetooth speakers, we share a list of the top 5 ones that you can grab under an expenditure of INR 5000.

  • JBL Flip 2

If you are looking for the finest speaker in India then buying this is the best choice you can ever make. Pairingability of this portable speaker is fast and efficient via NFC and you are able to experience a full range of sound because of its built-in bass port. The speaker even has noise cancellation and Sound-Clear echo features. It has a considerably good battery life.

  • Logitech X300

This speaker is great for outdoor parties. You can wirelessly connect to the speaker from 30 feet away. Though size of speaker is small it has a very loud sound. It can be connected to your phones, laptops, tablets etc. the battery approximately lasts for five hours. It is definitely one of the best Bluetooth speakers which you will get under 5000.

  • JBL GO

This speaker has high sound quality and the battery life can last for five hours. It has a noise cancellation technology and is having built-in speaker phone. You can get these speakers in various colors; due to this the price of this speaker may vary a bit.

  • Sony SRS-X11

This speaker is transportable and is very compact. For easier portability this speaker comes with silicon strap. Connecting to this speaker is fast and easy because of NFC. Though the size of this speaker is small it still has a dynamic sound. It has an amazing battery life of 12 hours. this is one of the main advantage of buying this speaker.

  • HP Roar G1K48AA

This is yet another small speaker which has amazing sound quality. It is 3D triangular in shape. It is great to carry when you are going for picnic, outdoor, traveling etc. This device also in variety of colors like from playful orange to edgy black. Even if you don’t have Bluetooth you can still use it as an audio in connector.