Best Icon Packs for Android 2019

Looking for stock user-interface continuously for a series of the month can really become the cause of boredom. If you are looking to make your phone more interesting, then this is the place where you will get it. In this article, we are going to provide the best icon packs for Android 2019.

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These icon packs are easily available over Play Store. Moreover, they are highly customizable and provides your Android phone a premium look. Apart from this, all the icon packs provided below are completely free and safe to use.

Do you know that you can customize every single thing of your operating system? Yes, you read it correctly. But most of the people don’t have that much time as customizing the whole OS takes a lot of hours. Therefore, to make your phone usage a little bit interesting, we have provided some best icon packs for Android 2019.

Best Icon Packs for Android 2019


Desaturate is one of the most popular and widely used icon pack available over Play Store. It is a free icon pack that provides you dark user-interface. The icon packs packed in this app are mostly of dark colors like yellow, blue and orange.

Therefore, using a light wallpaper with Desaturate icon pack can make it more interesting. The user-interface of this icon pack is quite simple which makes it quite easy to use.


Next on the list of best icon packs for Android 2019 hits the Appstract app. This icon pack is available for free over Play Store. The name of this app can sound weird but the icon packs packed inside this Android app are seriously amazing.

The only disadvantage with this app is that the icon packs are limited. But trust us, all the available icon packs are worth using.


This Android app gives you access to some of the cool icon packs that give a 3D look to your icons. Moreover, if you are looking for icon packs that can make your icons looks minimalistic, then this might be the ideal choice.

To do the exact matching, there are some wallpapers provided inside the app. This makes your phone setup look amazing and minimalistic.


Moonrise is basically the dark version of Sunrise icon pack. This app also comes with some great icon packs which give a light 3-D effect to the icons of your smartphone. The icons packed with this icon pack are somewhat dark and reflects a shadow behind the apps.

Using these apps with a dark background gives your phone a new look. Apart from this, Moonrise can be downloaded from Play Store for free.

Flight Dark Icon Pack

Flight dark icon pack consist of some dark icons for your Android apps. The icons present in flight dark are quite minimal. These icons when used with bright or white wallpaper, gives you a minimal look.

Moreover, if you are willing to give your phone a decent look, then this is the best icon pack for Android 2019.


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