Best job interview tips

Here are some job interview tips for you.  The single most important job interview tip I can give you should not get nervous in an interview.  If you are seen as nervous in an interview it will show lack of confidence.   Be yourself and be comfortable.

Job interview tips


Make sure to ask questions during the interview.  If you don’t ask any questions, it may not look good to some interviewers.

Try to imagine what kind of values they are looking for and adapt to that.

Arrive a little bit early for your interview, but not too early.  You would be surprised at how many people show up late for interviews and end up not getting the job.

Research the company.

Do not talk too much about your previous employer

Things to research:

  • LinkedIn profile of the people who will be interviewing you
  • Call up any people on your linked in profile who work there, or used to work there, or work for the competition, and ask them lots of questions
  • Glassdoor for salary ranges and company reviews (bearing in mind that these reviews may be skewed by disgruntled, recently laid off people)
  • Annual report
  • Recent press releases
  • Recent press coverage (use google, don’t just rely on what they choose to show on their web site)
  • Analyst coverage
  • Industry news
  • Social media sites (Facebook, twitter, youtube, etc)
  • Company blog, blogosphere comments, discussion forums
  • Sign up for free product trials and/or email list, and see what they send you
  • Competitors’ web sites
  • Wikipedia