Best sites to learn Swift programming

Swift is the new programming language that Apple released and it is gaining popularity. iOS development has now moved to Swift programming language. It is easier for people to learn Swift because Swift does away with the standard of declaring variables by starting with their type names, and instead opts to use a Javascript-like ‘var’ keyword to define any variable.  Here are some great sites for you to learn Swift programming so you can start developing on iOS or for Mac.

Swift programming learn

Jameson Quave

Jameson Quave has a site dedicated to Swift tutorials and tips.  You can start from beginner and become intermediate since his lessons are split into parts and listed in order online as if you are taking a real online college classroom.

Developing iOS Apps Using Swift: Part 1
Part 2
Part 3 (Best Practices)
Part 4 (Adding Interactions)
Part 5 (Async image loading and caching)
Part 6 (Interaction with multiple views)
Part 7 (Animations, Audio, and Custom Table View Cells)



If you want to take the paid route you can sign up for Udemy courses.  Here is one such course that is offered by Rick Walter.

Rick Walter Udemy courses Swift

Swift – Learn Apple’s New Programming Language by Examples

65+ videos walking you through Swift programming topics. This is a brand new language, get a head start!

Become one of the world’s earliest Swift developers with this introductory course on Apple’s new programming language.

  • Initial Setup and Swift Basics
  • Operators, Strings, Characters, and Collection Types
  • Evolving from Objective C
  • Control Flow