Can Internet shows Replace Traditional TVs?

Online TV

Roald Dahl was the first one who had called our traditional television sets as an ‘idiot box’. Years later, we came to realize how true he had been. There is actually nothing better than that which actually describes that piece of furniture at our place towards which all the other objects are pointed, be it the table or the sofa set. There was a time when we had our timing fixed to watch television, that is we sued to return from school and settle for the 5pm cartoon after which our parents used to watch other shows at night post dinner. But, recently this trend seems to be changing. Now, there are literally households that are able to function perfectly even with the television not working at all. So, is it true that internet shows can replace traditional TVs? Keep reading ahead to find out.

  • News: Nowadays, almost every news channel has their own application. This means that you can get instant news updates wherever you are. You do not need to sit before the TV screen and listen to the reporters screaming their lungs out in the name of debates.
  • Music: Music is something that a lot of people used to listen to on their TV set. But now, everything is going digital and on the phone. Thus, several websites and phone applications allow you to groove and listen to your favorite song even when you’re not at home. This also seems to fill the void for those who travel or workout alone.
  • Cartoons: Previously, kids used to love watching cartoons on the television. But with the advancing technology, they too have now started taking more interest in channels such as National Geographic and Discovery. These little ones these days probably have learnt the use of internet faster than us have been hooked onto it almost all the time to learn more an explore more.
  • Shows: The main business of televisions runs on the fact that people watch soaps and serials. But, that too is now on an all-time shift. This is because more and more people prefer watching shows online. They either download it through sites, watch shows on Netflix or simple stream it online on innumerable other sites. In fact, the audience too now wishes to watch shows of other countries that are anyway not shown on their TV channels and thus resort to the cyber world for entertainment.
  • Movies: Last but not the least, movies too can now be watched on phones and laptops. This is because movie channels and production houses have also been coming up with their mobile applications where users only need to a fixed amount of monthly subscription and then they can watch countless movies. This deal is way better than what has been happening till date.

However, though TVs can be replaced, they will not entirely die out because that would be a drastic change and we all fear that. Also, not everyone is used to using these relatively new gadgets.