Choosing accounting software for your business

Here are some tips to choosing accounting software for your business.

tips to chose business accounting software

  1. Keep your data secure with the online security features.

  2. Make sure you can have your data backed up automatically, every day.

  3. Look for the ability to access your finances at all times from work, home, or on the road.

  4. Control who accesses your Online Edition finances and what they see with password protection and multiple permission levels.

  5. Allow multiple users to access your Online company data.

  6. Make sure there’s an audit trail. The software should keep historical details of all added, modified and deleted transactions.

  7. Check whether it allows you to connect to your Ebay account to manage your accounting transactions effectively.

  8. Check whether it provides you with the facility of accessing your accounts through SMS.

  9. Check if it allows you to import data from Quickbooks online.

  10. Look for easy export of reports in Microsoft Excel or to CSV File.

  11. Keep track of your customers and vendors list, record of billing customers and to manage your expenses.

  12. Look for the ability to view and print reports and reconcile your bank and credit card accounts in a customizable way.