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Are you looking for a nice Chromecast alternative that’s affordable?  The era of the Chromecast knockoffs is upon us.  One good knockoff is called Cheapcast.  Sometimes these knockoffs actually perform better and are more flexible in features than the original, and they are definitely worth at least giving a try.

Devices like the Cheapcast have been around long before the Chromecast, but they lack one thing.  They do not have Google’s engineering behind them.  The operating system on the Chromecast is a sophisticated modified version of Google TV OS.

A year before Chromecast came out, if you were to go to one of those online Chinese marketplaces like, you would have seen android devices that look just like Google Chrome with HDMI and all of that.  These knockoffs are still available today, even via Amazon.

The free CheapCast app (not made by Google) enables nearly any Android device to function as a Chromecast, effectively playing the role of the TV as you stream media from your other Android device.

Read more about it and how to set it up at CNET.


Ipush HDMI Wireless DLNA Airplay Dongle Stream Video Picture Music from iOS Android Phone Pad Laptop to HDTV Projector

chromecast alternative stream to tv from laptop

Costs only $25.00


Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player for iOS Phone,Pad,laptop ,display on HDTV ,projector

chromecast knockoff

US $26.00

I don’t even know how they can legally sell this, since it has the same name as Chromecast which Google has the legal rights to.

  • Streaming anytime ,anywhere ,anything ,no need of media player,android box ,DVD player,SD card,hdd drive ,just need a phone/pad/laptop with our Streaming Dongle .
  • Nano Size,protable,easy to carry when travlle
  • All family member can stay together ,streaming their own media – Free working when streaming,you can make a call or do others with your device when streaming – Cellphone as remote controller- Streaming your Media(Video/Music/Picture) from small screen(PHONE/PAD/LAPTOP) to big screen(HDTV/Porjector)
  • up 720P video streaming
  • Comparing to Google Chromecast ,this support local files in mobile device to streaming on big screen ,and more app .
  • Very Easy To Use ,3 step: Connect the device to TV>> your device connect wifi with our Dongle>>Streaming from your device by using app iMediaShare BubbleUPNP  or airplay of apple, Windows Media Player on PC