Disadvantages of AI

AI killing job

Artificial intelligence is what AI stands for. You must be knowing about Stephen Hawking. He passed away earlier in 2018. Though he is known all over the world for a number of his hit and accurate theories, you must also know that in one of his most famous statements, he had clearly that the artificial intelligence will be the end of the human race. Read ahead to know more about the disadvantages of artificial intelligence and why we must still try to steer clear away of before it actually gets too late for mankind to be able to do anything.

  1. First of all, humans are becoming dependent on artificial intelligence. This means that we are losing the ability to perform simple tasks. This is only because we now have an easy escape that exists in the form of artificial intelligence. If you do not get what I mean, then you must watch the animated movie, Wall E. It clearly shows how terrible artificial intelligence can be. People are losing their activeness and becoming more and more lazy. Since artificial intelligence does all the small as well as big work, a very laid-back attitude has started creeping in slowly but steadily.
  2. Loss of employment: Though this is not number one of our list, it does not mean that it is not important. This is a very vital point that just cannot be missed out. The fact is that a lot of the top companies of the world already have robots working for them. in fact, it has been predicted that this trend is only going to increase. The reason behind this is that artificial intelligence is faster and more accurate than humans. That is why people have been losing out on employment opportunities. It is no secret that the world population and expenses have been increasing rapidly with each passing day. In such a situation, if people do not get employment, then it will just lead to an immense and rapid rise in crime rates in not only one or two countries but all over Mother Earth. Also, it must be noted here itself that companies think that artificial intelligence is a one-time investment in contrast to humans who need to be paid salaries each month.
  3. Losses in the long run: Let us consider a situation in which a robot has already been taken to work. What happens if it messes up something? The fact is that artificial intelligence is still new. Though technology has been able to progress to a whole new level, it does not mean that artificial intelligence is the key to every problem in every sector. This is why you will eventually a human to ensure that your hired artificial intelligence is working well without making nay mistakes. Another problem is that even if there is a. mistake, artificial intelligence will not be able to detect it. This is why it may go on repeating the same error without even you realizing the blunder.