Eco Friendly Gadgets

Day by day the amount of gadgets around us is only increasing. From switching on a fan to reading a book, there is a gadget for everything. But do you know how much nuisance they are creating for the environment. Phones are being dumped almost at the rate of production. We are not realizing it at the moment but it is all piling up in our backyard only and by the time we do realize it, it will be all crumbling down upon us.

And e- wastes are hazardous too, because of the toxic chemicals that it contains.

It is the need of the hour to gather ourselves and find an alternative to this. Some of us have already done so. Let us have a look.

  • Eton mobius

A gadget is useless without charge. Batteries are the most important thing. But it is the batteries that contain mercury and other toxic chemicals that pollute the environment. Eton has come up with solar batteries that are totally environment friendly. The back of the battery is made of solar panel which gets charged in sunlight. It is a bit slow but totally free of cost, just needs sunlight which is aplenty on earth.

  • SteriPEN Ultra

This is a portable water purifier which kills 99.9% of the bacteria in just 48 seconds!  Amazing, right? It uses UV radiation to kill the germs. It can purify 8000 one liter bottles of water in its lifetime.

  • ibamboo

Speakers direct from nature’s basket! These are amazing portable speakers which require no electricity, hi-tech gear or cables at all. It is just a piece of bamboo that amplifies noise due to the bamboo’s natural acoustics. It has slot on the top to rest the phone. Only downside is that they are compatible with iphones only.

  • USBCell rechargeable batteries

If only batteries could be recharged then we wouldn’t have to throw them away. USBCell rechargeable batteries operate and look like normal AA batteries except that the positive end in this has a USB plug which can be connected to any USB charger, including computers. It gets 90% charged in 5 hours and can be used with NiMH batteries too.

  • Goal zero nomad 13 travel solar panel

Travelling hasn’t been easier ever before. Carry this portable solar charger which can charge anything from a laptop to lights, but anything that uses below 13 watts. It has a USB plug, 12 volt output cable. It can simultaneously charge multiple devices. It has internal battery, so you can buy external batteries to charge it.

  • iZen bamboo Bluetooth keyboard

First speakers and now keyboards, bamboo is the go-to material these days because it grows five times faster than wood and can be grown in a variety of environments. It is a compact keyboard that has a USB rechargeable battery and hence doesn’t need AA batteries. It is just a simple Bluetooth keyboard and so can be connected to anything Bluetooth compatible.

This earth day let us adopt earth friendly practices.