Fix Acer S3-391 loud fan issue

A lot of people have been complaining about the Acer S3 fan noise.  This laptop has a loud fan even while doing the simplest of tasks.  One forum user on the Acer community forum wrote the below fix to this problem and I have yet to try it on my Acer S3.
Acer S3 loud fan fix

My S3-391 out of nowhere started running the fan at 100% even if it was cold.

How to fix:

1). Remove the AC power adapter from the laptop

2). Power down

3). Using a thin object such as a paperclip press the battery disconnect switch for 30 seconds. (It is located on the bottom near the back with a picture of a small battery next to it)

4). Power up while pressing F2, enter bios and reset everything to default then exit saving changes