Fix battery drain increase life in iOS 7 iPhone 5s


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Get better battery stats with Battery Doctor

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Kill apps that you don’t need

Apple has a habit of keeping apps running whether you need them or not. It makes all sorts of claims about energy efficiency but there are some apps that do background tasks which will drain the battery.

iOS 7 has a new way to kill apps.

1. Press the Home button twice so you see your running apps in rectangles on the screen

2. Flick to left or right to bring apps into view

3. Flick any unneeded apps up and away to the top of the screen to close them

Dim screen

As always there are other tricks to save power including dimming the screen to the lowest suitable brightness and making sure the screen goes blank fairly soon after you top pressing on any buttons or icons.  What works for me is that I turn off auto brightness.  I simply keep it low dim the whole time.  Auto brightness will keep increasing and decreasing screen brightness based on lighting in the surroundings, this causes more battery usage.

Turn off unnecessary radios and GPS/Location services

The iPhone and other iOS devices have Bluetooth, GPS and WiFi. All are great but all use power so if you’re not using them, turn them off.  Controls for Bluetooth and WiFi are at the main settings page.