4 Most Common Image Recovery Mistakes

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Did you lose some of your favorite pictures? There are a number of reasons that this could happen:

  • Your computer or storage device was damaged in some way. This can happen if it was dropped or struck.
  • You or another person using your computer accidentally deleted a folder with all of your images.
  • Your computer was infected by a virus.

Whatever caused you to lose your images, you should make sure you recover them properly. Here are some common mistakes that people make in these circumstances.

Neglecting to check the recycle bin

There are a number of data recovery services that will help you restore deleted or corrupted files. However, sometimes these tools aren’t even necessary at all. If the files were accidentally deleted, then they might still be in the recycle bin. You should check there and see if they can be restored.

Believing that you can’t restore data from a damaged hard drive

Many people believe that data cannot possibly be recovered from a disk that has been physically damaged. This is a common misconception that should be laid to rest. There are a number of data recovery tools that can often restore data from damaged disks. However, you need to consider the extent of the damage and make sure that you use a sophisticated data recovery tool.

Using the wrong image recovery tool

There are a number of different applications that will help you restore lost or deleted data. Some of them are highly reliable, while others are imprecise or unable to restore data with any level of confidence.

It is important to do your due diligence before choosing a data recovery tool to restore your lost images. Make sure that the tools that you are using have a good reputation for restoring data completely. Some data recovery tools restore images that look pixelated or are cropped in some weird way. Others are not even able to restore data at all unless the conditions are absolutely perfect (which of course they seldom are).

There are plenty of great image recovery tools available. The trick is finding the right one, such as R-Drive Image.

Writing over deleted data

Most data recovery tools will be able to restore data that has accidentally been deleted recently. The reason is that data is not actually totally deleted right away. The space is simply marked for storage, so it can be written over when you need to store future files.

That being said, the likelihood that you will be able to restore deleted data depends on whether the space has been overwritten or not. If you have written over the data once, then you might still be able to restore it. However, it will be a lot more difficult. If you write over the space multiple times, then it might be impossible for any data recovery tool to restore it.

The best rule of thumb is to try restoring the images right away. If the folder they were stored in is still intact, then you will want to avoid messing around with it. Don’t save any other files in the space that the images were on if you can avoid it.

Failing to remove any malware that caused of the deletion

Images often are lost due to malware. Before you go through the hassle of restoring any deleted images, you need to make sure that the malware is completely removed.