Give Your Computer A Speed Boost With These Top 5 SSD’s

Who doesn’t wants to use a fast and efficient computer? I know no one like that his or her computer will work slow and will take time to process any work. But you can boost the speed of your computer by using SSD in your computer.

But before this let us know about SSD first and then see to the 5 top SSD’s which will help you boost the speed of the computer.


SSD also known as Solid-State drive is an integrated circuit assembly as memory; which help you to store data persistently. It provides simple replacement to the common applications. For addressing specific requirements of SSD technology SATA Express and M.2 which are new input output interfaces are designed. No moving mechanism has been adapted by it. SSDs are more relevantly more resistant to physical shock than Hard disk drives or floppy disks. SSDs are also good in running silently and have low latency time and even have very low access time.  As per recent statistics, most of the SSDs use 3D TLC NAND based flash-cards.

There are even hybrid drivers available in the market. These drivers have features of both SSD (Solid-state driver) and HDD (Hard Disk Driver). These hybrid drivers help you to increase the performance of your computer.

Now as you know about SSD let us see the SSDs which will help you to boost your computers’ speed.

Transcend SSD370S

It is a 2.5 inch, 7mm SATA 6 Gbps drive and is available in 128 GB to 1 TB capacities. 16 nm Micron MLC NAND is used instead of TLC. Though it is not the fastest SSD but it has a considerably good speed. There is no data error and let alone an out-an-out SSD failure for about 3 years.  It is very capable. Though this SSD will not be the best performer but does fall into one of the best performing SSD. It actually boosts your system considerably. It price of it considerate.

Crucial MX200

It has an access to NAND from its parent company’s fab. It is a 1 TB version. It is around $470 which is not so high as compared to the experience speed it provides. Other companies like Samsung, Intel etc. has higher price than this. The older crucial generation can hang up with almost every best around. It is fast and cheaper. It is having a good warranty. The MX200 is available in two from factors that are mSATA and M.2 (SATA) but it was not able to provide the same at the time of writing.

Samsung SSD 850 Evo

The Samsung SSD 850 Evo gives you a great performance at a very reasonable price. 2 TB of storage system is available in drive. Instead of ten years warranty it has five years warranty for the drive. It will surely boost the speed of the computer. It even has a great capacity and is the most ideal drive for the home user.

Samsung SSD 850 Pro

The Samsung SSD 850 Pro gives you good performance, high endurance and amazing speed. You are able to write a lot of data. It gives 2 TB capacities which are the highest in the market. It has very useful features which includes1 encryption. It is comparatively high priced. It is one of the beat SSD to increase the speed of computer. It uses 3D vertical NAND (also known as V-NAND). It gives you the longest time of warranty.

SanDisk Extreme Pro

It has dumped the SanDisk 120GB and has upgraded the extreme pro line-up to 960 GB. It has surprisingly used 64 Gbit parts. It has really a great speed and it again one of the fastest SSD. It is not so expensive. It has doubled the capacity rate. The only drawback is that it supports no encryption. It has really given a strong competition to the released models.

Though here only five SSDs have been mentioned you can surely tryout any new ones if you want. The mentioned SSDs are in the list because of the speed, its efficiently, and even because of its low price. Of course, who will not want a good product in fewer prices?