Google to Give Another Shot at Social Networking: Shoelace

After the massive failure of Google Plus, Google has launched another social media app called “Shoelace“. At the moment this app is in a testing phase which is why only New Yorkers will be able to use it. Google has confirmed that they will be making it available all across the US sooner after it’s a success in New York.

Google has not only struggled with Social Media apps but also with other utility apps for Android and iOS devices. It has launched some horrendously lame apps like Google Trips, Blog Compass, Areo, Pixate, and the list goes on and on. Let’s hope it all works out for Google this time.

What is so unique in the Shoelace app? Why are people raving about it?

“Find your crew” is the tagline of the Shoelace app and it is built to do just that. Unlike other social media apps, with Shoelace, you get to socialize with real people in the real world. No more online chatting and long-distance relationships. You get to meet people with similar hobbies as yours. And you do that by sharing your interests first and meeting others with a similar mindset.

The abundance of options is another thing I like about Shoelace. Unlike Tinder or Hinge(which are dating apps), you get to meet more than one person at a time(if you are thinking of using this app for dating purposes). Don’t like the people you just met via Shoelace? No worries. Just find a new crew. You don’t have to cling on to a person you don’t like; due to lack of opportunities to meet new people.

Unique features of Google’s new Shoelace app for Android and iOS devices

1. Find your crew with ease

Find crew

Connecting with a stranger gets a lot easier when you have something in common with them. No more awkward and polite conversations. No more running out of things to say. Just share your interests and the app will notify you about the events happening(related to your interests) in your city. This way you can meet people who live nearby.

2. Daily hand-picked activities

You don’t have to spend hours browsing the internet to find things to do in your city. Shoelace notifies you about the events happening in your city without having to do anything. If you are an outgoing person, you can also host your events. An easy-to-read map shows all the events with details like the address, number of RSVPs, name of the host, nature of the meetup, etc.

3. Easy to find and plan


It only takes a few taps to plan and create an activity on Shoelace, Moreover, you can also invite someone who does not have this app installed on their phone. As of now, this app is invitation only, so you will have to share the invitation code(with your friends) via WhatsApp or any other messenger.

How safe is Shoelace? Are there any downsides to this app?

Recently, a popular app called Facetune was under fire from its users as they tried to steal data without proper consent.

Facetune denied these accusations but users are still finding the whole situation dicey. Google takes safety and privacy very seriously. So, there are no complaints yet of data theft. This app also performs a verification before the user enters a loop.