Here’s how to give yourself 280 characters on twitter right now


Twitter has been one of the popular social media site. The messages or information you post is known as “tweet (s)”. These tweets are though restricted to four hundred and eighty (480) characters.

But twitter has just now made one of the biggest announcements and that is increase in the character count!!

Yes, that’s true that twitter has increased the character count from 140 characters to 280 characters. That means the character count is doubled than before.

More information about twitter

Twitter is an online social networking service where you can post and interact with the tweets which are posted by others. Only the users who have registered to the twitter can post the tweets; the users who have not registered can only read the tweets. You can access twitter through website interface or mobile device app.

Twitter was created by Jack DorseyNoah GlassBiz Stone, and Evan Williams in March 2006 and was officially launched in July of that year. It got popular within no time and in 2013, it was among top ten most-visited websites. It has been described as the “SMS of the internet”. Twitter is the largest source of breaking news.

The tweets are visible to everyone, but the senders are able to restrict the visibility of the tweet by restricting their tweet to their followers. User can subscribe to other twitter users, which is termed as ‘following’. If any user follows you then they are called your ‘followers’. You can like the tweets of other users. If you want that your followers to know about the tweet which you liked, you can repost or forward that particular tweet this is termed as ‘retweet’.

Twitter has its internally identifiable logo that is its bird logo.

Here, are the steps which will help you in getting 280 characters in twitter

  • First download Tampermonkey from the browser of your choice.
  • Then visit the Github repository and then click the “raw” button. After that, tell the Tampermonkey to install the script. (You can even copy and paste the code in a new script in Tampermonkey)
  • Now just visit but make sure the script is running in Tampermonkey. Now, you are ready to tweet with more characters.

Though the above steps can be used by you to increase the character count but there is another process which will help to in achieving the same. The further steps are more efficient and simple

  • First load Tweetdeck at
  • After that, head to view and go to Developer menu and select the Developer Tools.
  • You then need to find the sources and then click on the arrow below so that you can access snippets.
  • Once you open the snippets, click on the “new snippets” button and after that, copy/paste the following code in the empty windows on the right.
  • Then click on the play button below to run the snippets. And you are done!! Now you can tweet posts using 280 characters.

The increase in the character count has been beneficial in many ways

  • There is more room to tweet

It is obvious that the increase in the character count will increase the room to tweet. The character count has been almost been doubled. Now, you can tweet more detailed quotes and information. No, characters are deducted if you post image and link with your tweet. This means you will be able to use complete 280 characters.

  • It has brought great opportunity for the twitterites to increase their reach using hashtags and video content

As the character count is increased the use of the hashtags can also be increased. You can use multiple hashtags to make your tweet reach wider audience. (Hashtags are the words or the phrases which are preceded by ‘#’.Hashtags are used to identify messages of a particular topic. Some of the twitter users use hashtags which are not relevant to the topic they are tweeting. )

  • More depth replies can be given

When there were just 140 character limit it was difficult to reply to the tweets. You either had to reply precisely or you either had to reply multiple times on your reply (It is also called quoting). But, this entire problem is solved due to increase of the character count. Now, you can give descriptive replies without any problem.