How can Nanotechnology Take over the World?


With growing advancement in technology where everything is being miniatured to the nanometer scale, it clearly is an undeniable fact that nanotechnology is the future of the world. The reason behind it is that this scale allows interaction among atoms which is the basic fundamental block of clearly and anything and everything in this universe. By dealing with particles at the nanometric scale one can make change in the properties of any substance and we can see and touch and this is going to be a breakthrough in the coming ultra advanced generations that isn’t an imaginary concept anymore!

The nanotechnology is a sure shot which will take over the world in the coming years and it has got all the right reasons for that. Even in today’s date nanotechnology has made so many miracles happen which one couldn’t even imagine in the past.

Here we are presenting before you some of the ways in which nanotechnology is taking over the world and how!

The increasing use of nanotechnology in the field of agriculture

Agriculture has been known to bring the civilization into existence. Time and again it has proved to be a boon for the rise of a new civilization every time it suffered a decline in the past. In this modern era where agriculture is the source of our food, it is very important to make enhancement in the agricultural technologies so that the growing need of the world could be fulfilled. Nanotechnology has clearly set its foot in this field. Now the agriculture is being dealt at nano particle level. Since it is being used in fertilizers and pesticides it has brought a positive change in the production of crops. This has led to the growing popularity of nanotechnology in the field of agriculture and is slowly taking over it.

Nanotechnology in the field of electricity

These days’ scientists have developed a technique in which nanoparticles filled ink will be conducting electricity. By the help of a special type of a pen, one can easily draw circuits, by simply drawing a line which will be of silver. In this way with the help of a simple pen one can draw circuits and ditch those crucial complex components that people use today. Thus nanotechnology will be overtaking the field of electricity generation and consumption as well.

Nanotechnology in the field of medical science

Since nano technology work at a very small scale those days aren’t far enough when it will be possible to inject tiny senores inside one’s body to heal internal injuries or cure diseases from inside the body itself. It will be more like a doctor getting inside the body of a patient and curing them at the most fundamental level giving them a better life by making them fit and fine.  There are endless possibilities of nanotechnology in the field of medical and is a promising approach in bettering the lifestyle of people.


Thus in today’s date nanotechnology finds its application in every field. And with so many benefits attached to it, the popularity of it is growing day by day. No wonder those days aren’t far enough when it will be taking over the world completing making it an even better place to live a good life!