How to add a PDF to a Facebook page

how to add a pdf to a Facebook page

You have some options on putting a PDF on a Facebook page.  You can try a service like PDF Social

  • Take a screenshot of the PDF and display that. – Drawback is that the text may be unreadable since FB resizes and compresses to suit their needs.
  • Post the PDF on another website, then make an FB post with a link to that PDF. – Drawback, people have to be properly enticed to click that link.
  • Take the text from the PDF and paste it into a Note on FB. – Drawback, FB Pages can’t make notes, only personal users.

Facebook is not a file-hosting service. They are built around sharing status updates and (highly compressed) photos back and forth. You’ll need to find another service for your file sharing and run that in tandem with your social posting on FB.

You can also put your PDF on and link to it from your Facebook page.  Docstoc displays PDF’s to the public and all you have to do is share the Docstoc link to your PDF.