How to Learn New Programming Languages Faster

Are you struggling with learning new programming languages? Looking for a better way to get things done faster?

Generally speaking, most people take 6-8 months to learn a programming language from scratch. The process of learning is not that straightforward. After several hurdles, one gets to a point where writing a basic program feels natural. In this post, I have shared a few tips to help you learn a new language faster.

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Here Are the Best Ways to Learn New Programming Languages Faster

1) Begin With the Basics

Unless you are already familiar with a couple of programming languages, you are more likely to struggle with the learning process. To learn a new programming language from scratch, you first need to go through the fundamental languages. For instance, if you wish to learn PHP, Python, or Java, you will need to acquaint yourself with HTML, JS, and CSS first. This is how a newbie can begin learning a programming language faster.

2) Attend a Coding Bootcamp

There is a misconception that everyone can learn how to code just by watching videos online or reading blogs. This is furthest from the truth. When learning a new programming language, it is wise to seek help from experts who know the craft really well. A coding Bootcamp is a place where curious learners like you congregate. You will be offered hands-on training in areas that are valuable to the industry.

3) Assess Your Current Situation First

Learning a new programming language is always easier when you know the concepts and are able to apply the algorithms to your code. Good programmers are also considered fast learners. However, such is not the case with beginners. Hence, before setting up a timeline, make sure you know your current situation well. This will help you get things done without the feeling of guilt or disappointment.

4) Get a Learning Partner

A human brain is designed to get motivated the moment it senses a threat. Competition creates the same effect on the brain. When you compete with someone, your brain works ten times faster than it’s usual capacity. Find someone at work or school who has the same goals as you. Tell them about the new programming language you wish to learn and get them on board. You will be surprised how efficient social learning is.

5) Build Projects

Lastly, your programming journey would be incomplete without building a project from scratch. In fact, some speculate that this is the best way to learn a new language faster. Even better than the ones mentioned earlier. When you build something from the ground up, you get an opportunity to get into the nitty-gritty details of a programming language. This cannot be achieved by watching tutorials online.


The good news is that to learn a new computer language faster, you don’t even need to be good at math. According to a report by ScienceDaily, prior experience in learning a second language can also help. So, do not let your shortcomings stop you from achieving your goals.