How to receive replies from girls on POF

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The most important thing I can suggest for you to increase your chances of a reply on POF is to use the MeetMe feature.  It is easier than writing a message and members will receive a “Lucky you, someone wants to meet you” email message from POF when you click Yes on a persons profile in MeetMe.

It is not easy getting replies from girls on POF.  Some women go on there just to kill time and are really not even serious about getting a man.  Some are serious about getting a man but hardly reply.  Finding a woman on an online dating site is a complicated thing.

You gotta have patience and you also have to be persistent (you may encounter some weird women like I did).  For every 10 to 20 women you message expect 1 or no replies.  I am basing that fact on my own personal experience on POF.  I have also noticed that when I throw in a question into the message I am sending to the women, she often will reply.

Another thing you have to seriously consider is to make your messages long.  Keep in mind that Girls love to read (especially books).  If you ever noticed how detailed some women’s POF profiles are you will be surprised.  It is like they can write books.  Women also look at your English, grammar etc.

Finally, make sure that your own profile is well written and you are detailed and don’t look for getting laid but finding 1 women to be with for a long time because that is what women are looking for the most, a man to be there for them and love them.