How to recover deleted WhatsApp messages on iPhone

I deleted my important WhatsApp messages accidentally from my iPhone, while deleting the unwanted messages. How do I recover it? I lost my iPhone and lost all my important WhatsApp data. How do I get it back?

Well, there are lot of such questions posted on various forums as many of us often tend to face this situation and it is even worse when you realize that you haven’t backed up your data either. Also, if you have any business related data on your WhatsApp it can straight away result in financial loss.

Sometimes even if you are done with all your conversations on WhatsApp you just love to pull out some messages and read them again but, when you delete them accidentally, you want to recover it anyhow. Well, if you are searching for how to recover deleted whatsapp messages iphone your search may yield a list of search items, but if you are looking for just one solution to recover WhatsApp data conveniently on your iPhone, then we have the right solution for you. iSkysoft toolbox is the answer to your question.

Part 1. How to recover deleted WhatsApp messages on iPhone conveniently

iSkysoft Toolbox – Recover (iOS) offers the most convenient way of retrieving deleted WhatsApp messages on iPhone even if you have not backed up your WhatsApp data. iSkysoft supports the latest version of iOS devices like iPhone XS, iPhone 8/8Plus/7/7 plus etc. Also, iSkysoft recovery program supports both Windows and MAC operating system.

Once you get all your WhatsApp data you can either restore it to your iPhone/PC or Android Phone.

Here is how this tool works efficiently to help you recover your deleted WhatsApp messages on iPhone.

Step 1. Connect iPhone to your PC. Now launch the tool iSkysoft Toolbox (you can get the direct link to download this tool from the official iSkysoft site). Select the option- “Recovery” visible on main iSkysoft toolbox window. You can refer to the image shown below

download software

Step 2. Once your iPhone is detected by the tool, select the option shown on left side on the screen – “Recover iOS device”. In order to retrieve deleted WhatsApp, just select the option that says – “WhatsApp messages & attachments” as you can view in image shown below. Click the button – “Start Scan” so that the scanning process starts.

Recover screen

Step 3. Now, the tool will start scanning your deleted WhatsApp messages & attachments on iPhone.

Analysing Device

Step 4. Once the scanning is completed, all your deleted WhatsApp messages including the attachments will be detected and listed in different categories. At this stage, just have a look at the messages listed and select the ones that you want to restore to your PC or transfer them to another iPhone/Android device.

restore social app

Part 2: iSkysoft knows data backup is important

It becomes quite convenient nowadays to use iPhone to perform a lot of important tasks. Undoubtedly, WhatsApp becomes the house for all your important data which you can’t afford to lose. So, it is always better to backup your WhatsApp messages to avoid situations when WhatsApp crashes all of a sudden or your iPhone is lost etc.

You know how difficult it is to extract all your important contacts, attachments or messages. Backing up your WhatsApp data periodically can save a lot of your time and efforts as you can easily retrieve the backed up data. You will not lose your important data which may result in major loss.

iSkysoft Toolbox knows the importance of backing up data and works towards protecting your WhatsApp data and thus offers best whatsapp backup iPhone solution that lets you keep your data secure.  The tool lets you backup WhatsApp message on your iPhone selectively so that you can pick only important data you feel is useful to you and restore the backup file to retrieve the data from your PC to iPhone/Android devices etc.

 It supports different files types like calendars, photos, contacts, audio, video etc. iOS devices are considered to be complicated devices to handle when it comes to exporting iPhone/iPad data to PC, but iSkysoft can help you do so irrespective of the data format. Still, if by any chance you tend to lose your data, iSkysoft Toolbox is there to help you get your WhatsApp data back.

So, not only you can recover the deleted WhatsApp messages on your iPhone but also backup your important data using iSkysoft.


No matter whether you deleted your WhatsApp messages by mistake or lost your iPhone, iSkysoft acts as your data recovery companion to extract all your lost data without any hassles. Just a few clicks and simple screen instructions can get you there. iSkysoft brings back your lost WhatsApp messages so that you can cherish them for long.