How to Regain space lost from usb drive after installing Chromium

For those of you who installed a bootable image of Chromium OS on their flash drives, but lost most of their usb storage space.  Then this article is for you.

Tools like imgwrite can partition your drive in such a way that it will appear you lost neraly 95% of your usb flash drive space.  Don’t worry though, your space lost is still there, just hidden.

I installed Chromium OS on my flash drive, but when I wanted to format my usb thumb drive for a different purpose.  I was shocked to see it only had 1 gig of space.

I tried everything I could to regain my lost storage, but nothing worked.  I finally did some research and discovered a tool called Lexas format tool, which allows you to regain all of your lost space and sure enough it did regain all of my lost space on my USB drive.  Thank God, I was worried I would never get that space back!

Download the Lexar format tool here to repair your Flash drive.


regain lost storage on usb flash drive.

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