How to Schedule Emails on Gmail for Free

Gmail is one of the most popular and widely used mail providing services all over the world. It is entirely trusted as it is a product of Google and mostly Google’s product are packed up with high security. The main thing behind its popularity is that it can be easily set-up without any problem and even a non-technical person can use it.


As you know that nothing in this world is perfect. So it is with Gmail. Gmail has been missing the feature of scheduling emails since its launch. If you are using Gmail for a long time, then you might know how important it is to schedule your emails. Therefore, in this article, we are going to tell you about how to schedule emails on Gmail for free.

Scheduling emails on Gmail make the thing quite easier for the sender. It helps you to send emails when it is probably the best time for the mail to be read. We can elaborate it with a daily life example. Suppose you are working with your boss or clients and they have a habit of reading emails in the early morning as soon as they wake up.

Therefore in this situation, either you have to wake early so that the email reaches them at the correct time. Or you can use the email scheduler which will help you to send emails on the particular time you are going to select. It is one of the best Gmail tools for people who are working in different time zones.

How to Schedule Emails On Gmail for Free on Web (Chrome)

The process of scheduling emails on Gmail is quite simple and easy. It becomes much easy when Google itself provides you an extension to do so. If you are looking to do so, then you can head on to the chrome store and go to the extensions tab.

Now search for “Schedule Email” extension in the search bar. Once you have installed this extension, now you can connect your Gmail ID with it. Now as soon as you compose any mail from Gmail, you will be able to see a button which schedules your email for free. After completing the email and tap on that button and select the time whenever you want to send that email.

How to Schedule Emails on Gmail for Free on Android & iOS Devices

The only disadvantage with the Gmail app is that we cannot schedule emails on it by using an extension.  But for helping you people, we have bought a third party application which will help you to do so. Most of the excellent Email schedulers for Gmail are paid but if you are searching for a free service which could do your work, then ‘Spark’ is the best option to be considered.

At the time of its launch, it was only available for iOS devices, but now after seeing its need, the developers have launched it for Android devices too.  While using the Spark app, you can compose the mail and tap on schedule button to schedule the email whenever you want.