How to Set up an Android

Hate having your calendar at home? Do your iPod, phone, GPS unit, and other electronics all pile around, mixing up chargers? This guide will show you how to ultimately decrease your hassles with electronics and organization into just one or two simple devices. Read along and when you get your life set up with an Android device, your jaw will drop when you realize the things it can do for you.



  1. Create a Google account. Google accounts hold all of your precious data and plans, using none of your internal storage space. With a Google account, you will have not only your email, but included is your calendar/appointments/tasks, Google Docs(holds all your Word/Excel/PowerPoint files and more) Google Maps will now let you save maps and routes. This will back up all of your precious data under one safe username and password, and it will be accessible from any computer with internet access. After doing this step, you are free to throw away your needs for a paper calendar! That thing was getting big and messy anyway.

  2. So, that’s all nice, but it is only usable via your computer! Buy an Android phone. Whether you are on Verizon, T-Mobile, or Sprint, there’s an Android phone out there for anyone. With an Android phone, you will be able to conveniently sync with your Google account, meaning your calendar is on your screen, and it’s even better than paper. You can set a ringer for an appointment so you know when to go to it, make a repeated appointment(work, school, sports, and scheduled events) and much more. Your email account will be on your phone, with you at all times, so you’re always updated. Your Android device will be your new newspaper, alarm clock, GPS, maps, web browser, iPod, social media platform space, photo album (toss away those big binders), weather informer, video game console, telephone, and much more to come from Google!

  3. So you just dropped 10 different units off your back, along with their chargers, and different hassles. They have all formed into a little device in your pocket, at your side at all times. You will find your life much more simple, with everything falling into your Android device.

  4. Do some research on Google’s applications like Google Goggles. There is so much to be found!


  • Have an urge for pizza? Tap the voice button, and say “pizza”. It will find your location, and find all pizzerias near you.
  • Lost? Tap the Google Maps app. It will give you your location along with where you want to go.
  • Running low on gas? Say “gas” and it will tell you the closest station.
  • Don’t let your battery die! Keep a spare one handy, or never let it go below 40%.
  • Research other ways to help you in your new android life.


  • Don’t pay for applications from the Google Play Store. There are so many free ones, that the priced ones are a waste. You never even know if it will be a bad app, too.
  • Get a task killer app. It will kill running background programs, to save battery life (from the Google Play Store).