How to Speed up Your Internet Connection

Unless you reside in countries like Singapore, Hong Kong, Monaco or Romania, you probably have to go through periods when the internet speed isn’t sufficient enough. By the way, according to Ookla, the above-mentioned countries have the highest average internet speed. However, the situation is not the same in most other countries. Let’s have a look at ways to boost your internet speed without having to upgrade your plan.

Here Are the Best Ways to Speed up Your Internet Connection

1) Reduce the Number Users Connected to Your Home Wifi

If you are using a broadband connection via a WiFi router, chances are, there are other people in your home and in the surrounding area using the same Wifi connection. When more than one person uses the same Wifi connection, the bandwidth gets divided to serve each user equally. If this sounds like you, the first course of action should be to change the Wifi password.

2) Check for Malware

Do you have an updated security program installed on your computer? If no, then you should immediately install one. For Windows 10, there is an excellent free security program called Windows Defender (comes pre-installed). Perform a full scan of your computer and let it find any malware that might be running in the background. Malware can slow down your computer as well.

3) Use Ethernet Connection

If you do not use your home broadband connection from wireless devices like smartphones or tablets, it would be a great idea to take an old school approach by switching from Wifi to Ethernet. The Latest Ethernet cables can transfer data with speed up to 10 Gbps, whereas Wifi does not go beyond 1Gbps. Hence if your internet download speed is more than 1Mbps, it better to go for Ethernet.

4) Uninstall Unneeded Apps and Browser Plugins

Apps and browser plugins require an internet connection to function. Most of them run in the background and can utilize more than 30 percent of the internet bandwidth. It is very easy to overlook them. Hence, to speed up the internet speed today, simply get rid of these programs. 

5) Reposition Your Router

If you prefer the Wifi connection over Ethernet, you might want to take a look at the position and location of the router. Is the router placed too far away from your room? Or maybe there is an obstacle like a wall or shelf in between you and the router. Radiowaves do pass through walls but at the cost of latency. 


You will be surprised to learn that the global average internet speed for broadband is 75.41Mbps and for mobile is 31.61Mbps. Singapore has the highest internet speed for broadband (203.68Mbps), whereas South Korea ranks number one for mobile internet connection (93.84Mbps). 

There are only a few places where internet speeds are exceptional. Hence, to boost the internet speed by a few notches, people in other countries have to make some tweaks.