How to Transfer Data or File Between Mac and Android?

File transfer

Mac computers are strictly based on iOS devices which easily sync with iOS devices. But when it comes to Android devices it has been quite difficult to connect. Many times you need to connect your Android device to your Mac for sharing data. The data may be photos, videos, songs or other files. Therefore, we are going to discuss how to transfer data or file between Mac and Android.

Method 1: Android file transfer

It is one of the most popular tools by Google which is used for file transfer. It is basically used for sharing file between Mac and Android. It is a free tool and you have to just download it on your Mac. Just install it and plug in the Android phone. This Google app will automatically connect with your Android device. After that, you can share files also create or delete folders and also some other tasks. As you are using Mac so you don’t need to install and driver.

Method 2: Handshaker

As the Android file transfer is the most significant way for file sharing between Android and Mac. But still, this app has some reliability issue since Google didn’t update this app. That’s why handshaker is one the best alternative if Android file transfer. It is a seamless file transfer app which works on Mac. After connecting via this app you can browse your Android files in Mac and share also. The main feature of this app is that is categories the files of your Android phone. This helps in an easier way of sharing the file between Mac and the Android. You have to just install the Handshaker on the Mac and also on your phone. After that, you have to enable the USB debugging option. As this app is not available on the Play Store therefore, you have to search on Google.

Method 3: Cloud Storage Services

If you occasionally transfer files between your Mac and Android phone you can use Cloud services. This is one of the most popular and easiest ways of sharing files. There are many popular clouds storage available like Google Drive, Dropbox etc. It a very fast process but you have to need a good internet connection. This Cloud service not only available for Mac and Android but you can access them anywhere and anytime. In Dropbox, you get 2 GB and in Google Drive, you will get 15 GB of free space. Upload files in this memory and access them on any device.

Method 4: AirDroid

This app helps in sharing the file and also shows the real time screen of your device. This method works wireless and free. Also, you can check your SMS, Calls, and notifications of your device. You can also manage the notification and can control your Android phone from Mac. This app basically shares and play photos and videos on your Mac. 

Method 5: OTG (On The Go)

It is the easiest and convenient method of sharing data between two devices. Whenever you want to share or transfer files between Android and Mac use USB OTG. It is just like a pen drive where you can connect any pen drive through the USB OTG. You can buy this from Amazon or Flipkart at a minimal price.

Thus these are some methods through which you can transfer file between Android and Mac. Some of them are wireless and some needs a connection. Although there are some other methods like using Xender, Software Data cable etc. You can also go with these methods and can transfer file between Mac and Android.