How to Use Technology to Change Your Marketing Game?

Small business

Technology has proved to be a gamechanger for how businesses are run today. It is not merely related to the production techniques or implementing sophisticated systems and software for better management. The fact that technology and internet are now at the fingertips of an average consumer has not only made an average consumer much more aware but has also opened new avenues for better and more effective marketing and research methods. Other than internet-based technology, there are a number of other tech products that have largely revolutionized the advertising industry and allows better communication with much more flexibility and efficiency for the brand. Here are a few tech tools that have proved to be a huge game changer for the business world in recent times.

Social Media

When the initial social media platforms surfaced with MySpace and Orkut, no one estimated the power these platforms could have for the business world. Like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter made their way into the market with more improvised and sophisticated communication tools, companies began to realize how they could use these platforms for relationship building and better brand visibility. As smartphones replaced bulky computers, these social media platforms introduced dedicated tools that were meant for businesses to target and promote their products with a much precise target audience and a lot of cost-effectivenesses.

Digital Boards

Online marketing tools are crucial these days, but that does not undermine the importance of conventional advertising methods such as billboards. An impression created by a strategically designed and placed billboard does play an important role in getting the message across. That being said, brands have always struggled with designing the billboards in the right manner. That is because the time span for which the audience pays attention to the board is incredibly short along with very limited space for content. In such circumstances, digital boards provide a huge relief for the brand, since messages can now have visuals and motion pictures. This means brands can not only pay more attention to details. But can also enjoy greater flexibility. While digital boards are expensive, you can easily cut down your costs by renting one for a limited time from any led board manufacturer such as Bibiled.


The general demographics of an average consumer are rapidly evolving and a major chunk of consumers are now being replaced by the millennials. This group of customers is one that has a busy lifestyle and prefer convenience. A modern tech-savvy consumer would prefer shopping from the comfort of their couch and get the goods delivered at their doorstep instead of wasting time and energy to browse through physical stores. Advanced E-commerce tools such as Shopify, third-party E-Commerce platforms such as Amazon and Ali Baba and safer online transactions have now helped companies to generate much more revenues with a much lesser cost of sales.