Indie Game Opinions – Copod

Hey guys, never heard of Copod? Let me tell you about it!

Copod is an amazingly designed indie-game in which the goal is for you, a small creature in the depths of the sea, have to dodge foes, villains, traps and tricks to impress the girl of your dreams. Find her a flower and you’ll make a little baby and go onto the next level. The game is cleverly created, with awesome randomly generated terrain and even built-in modifications for you to play with, so you can play the game your way. You can make little fishy friends along the way too, and unlock achievements and upgrades as you go. The games is only $5.00, which is generous considering all the hard work that has evidently been put into it. If you’re not convinced, check out my playthroughs above and remember to like, comment and subscribe!

Alex The Wonder Spud

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