Know this Business Equation: Affiliate Marketing + Social Media = Profits

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an excellent way for entrepreneurs to monetize their web platforms by promoting products for advertisers. By far the best way to get a handle on the potential to generate generous incomes from commission-based sales is to specialize in products you can already discuss competently and enthusiastically. If you want to run a successful affiliate program, focus on items you understand and can entice your customers to want to own. And the best way to promote in this day and age? Harness your social media platform.

Online promotion

If you’ve been an affiliate marketer for some time you will undoubtedly be aware of the steps you can take to get your business noticed. If you’ve signed-up to a TopOffers affiliate network cpa platform you will already be benefiting from tools and suggested marketing techniques, as well as receiving a heads-up when fresh opportunities arise.

But an ongoing method you should be focusing on is making the most of your social media outlets. Why? It’s pretty straightforward. If you are already making a decent income from your affiliate program, it’s probably safe to assume you understand how this particular business model works. Unlike previous e-commerce enterprises that relied on banner advertising or pay-per- click link activation, affiliate marketing is all about engaging with your customers in a far more proactive way that makes them feel valued.

The nature of affiliate marketing is that advertisers send you code that you then post into your web pages. Simply to add a series of links to your blog or site and hope for the best would be counter-productive. You need to integrate these adverts into your overall web content. For instance, say you are blogging about your passion for cycling, and have signed-up to a niche product area, like bike accessories. Rather than popping a series of hyperlinks onto your pages and hoping random customers land on these, a far more proven way of instigating sales would be to lure customers in by offering strong and engaging web content. It would be far more important to pay close attention to composing these articles, ensuring the hyperlinks you place among them look logical.

Outlets like Facebook take a dim view of third party advertisers. They run their own programs for any users wishing to take advantage of their promotional activities and these are not cheap. So a far better method of gaining a good rate of click-through to your product pages would be to ensure links are seamlessly integrated. Site visitors are wary of clicking on random links in any case, so you will have a far better chance of attracting attention if the relevant hyperlinks appears organically.


The key to making the most of your web content is to build an air of authority about your subject. You are not likely to get much in the way of sales from random customers who happen to have alighted on your pages by chance, but you already have a captive audience when you consider people who are reading your blog. You should always be thinking about ways to engage with your readership, such as offering the chance to sign-up to membership schemes. You could promise subscribers will get a heads-up about new product releases or reviews.

Another excellent way to maintain the attention of your customer base is by direct e-mails. In this way you cut out the ‘middleman,’ so instead of the web pages with hyperlinks being your bait, you can interact with them directly at zero cost and maximum coverage.